Best Tax Saving Guide | Complete tax planning for salaried person…

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37 thoughts on “Best Tax Saving Guide | Complete tax planning for salaried person…”

  1. Discount of Rs. 750/- against the course ‘Certificate Course on GST’ course which cost Rs. 3,500/-
    with your unique Coupon Code – AAH2022
    Do available this benefit ?

  2. Sir, my question on annual health checkup. If a person go for Scan will this cost (more or less 5k) be eligible for exemption?
    2.will voluntary PF contribution is comes under exemption if yes then what is the limit to contribute in VPF and under which section?

  3. NPS for government employees is good bz 10 per of total salary get deducted and employer contribution also same so we get double investment……

  4. My mother is a state government employee under old pension scheme. She has herself open a nps account. Can she can take benefit of 80ccd(1b)

  5. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️Got all my clone cards and Money order from….This dude is really God sent and his methods are the best can’t love you less❤️…

  6. Sir if in contractual government job HRA is not given to employee.,Then can employee take benefit of Rent paid exemption or not
    Plz explain.
    This is case of only consolidated salary no other allowece given to employee.

  7. Sir yadi comersiol vihcle me g.s.t saved kar h to. Eska saved pesa company ki g.s.t me kat jayega ya yearly income tax me kat jayega.pls sajest…

  8. I cannot do verify on income tax page with adhar card. It says pan not linked with adhar. Whereas it is linked with adhar. Also i have done submitting e verify through my banks tax center option, and it takes me back to income tax page.
    Submitted grievances and they have escalated it, but no repsone since then…

  9. Hello sir,
    I am an employee and my pervious organization provided me retention bonus (though I have not asked any) and as I leave the organization on last year Dec they have recovered the complete amount by Feb 2022. Now in the Form-16 they did not discard this from my earnings and hence. I have to pay the complete tax on that Retention bonus though at end I did not get any. And they have recovered that amount with some other description.
    Can you kindly suggest me what should I do.

  10. I am a fresher about to receive my first salary and i have 0 knowledge about finance and taxes. Can someone suggest me any course or masterclass where i can learn each and everything there is to learn about finance and taxes?

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