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17 thoughts on “Big Red Daily Candle! !7,500 to be Watched! The Stock Market Show”

  1. Hi, when onwards whatsapp trade ideas will be out. Already sitting with fyres account and looking forward to be part of your systematic trades.

  2. I had bought a PE at strike price of 17600. In the last 15 minutes, it went below that and I moved to ATM but the price was too low and it was too late by then for me to gain anything. ?

  3. All educators including you go on to teach newbies to sell options instead of buying. And, now complain that premiums are low, VIX is low – though market is moving so much. Irony !

  4. What a great personality. I kept on believing in him honestly he paid off. For a start I invested $600 and he grew it up to $3200 in 3 days. Indeed Sir Enes Zac you are great man. Trade with Enes Zac.

  5. Your knowledge is so helpful ☺️
    but my English is not good so can you please explain your important strategies in hindi.
    thanku ?

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