Binance margin trading calculator -PNL, Target Price, Liquidation…

There is this amazing tool that the Binance Futures Trading Platform offer and it has helped me and made my trading a lot easier.

7 thoughts on “Binance margin trading calculator -PNL, Target Price, Liquidation…”

  1. my phone screen is not as big as your laptop. so I can't see the tutorial clearly! if you can make the main subject full screen do it! because we need to see it clearly not your face!

  2. Bro .. u just reading like news paper .. there is no full explanation… Even kids can do same as u did 😂😂😂

  3. what number should I put in the 'Balance' section for the liquidity? is it the actual balance of what I have left in the margin or the entire equity i have in my binance account?

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