Blackberry Stock Analysis – Buy Hold or Sell – BB Stock Analysis …

Should you Buy Hold or Sell or Blackberry Stock (BB Stock) today? As a former Wall Street Stock broker I go over a highly detailed …

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  1. Do you think the ShortSqueeze attempt on BlackBerry is Over or do you think there is going to be lots of volatility for the rest of this week. Please Comment Down below and as always Thanks for watching!

  2. on the Press – Motional Driveless will be using Blackberry QNX. Those who don't know – Motional will have Robotaxi rollout in Las Vegas.

  3. Hmm, I'm surprised to see you are so bearish on a company that'll be so integral to our worlds automation of the transport sector. 9 of the top 10 automakers use BlackBerry, even the ISS uses them on their way into space

  4. "Chinese firms prepare for 2021 deployment of automated trucking systems using BlackBerry QNX technology." Recently reinstated partnership with Baidu. To me this is going to blast off in 2021.

  5. BB was a long term investment before the GME hype. It just got mixed up in the whole "meme" stock. Things will stabilize maybe going into spring. Hopefully into summer its up a good chunk.

  6. Just shouting out as a newer investor and I'm interested in swing trades and some long term investing.

    Not everyone is so nice in YouTube comments, but as a fellow Italian American, I know a good meatball when I hear and see one. Grazie, Anthony! Great channel. You have wonderful analysis and excellent delivery. Perfect daily updates that get right down to the details that one needs to know. I've subscribed with alerts!

    I'm an elder millennial as well and proud to see someone from my age group so successful and helpful to others. God bless you, Anthony!!

  7. How is a short squeeze possible with BB if it’s only shorted like 7% or 8%? BB was never a short squeeze, it was simply a stock that was undervalued and somehow got mixed up.

  8. Casually forgets to mention where the recent drop came from. Robinhood disabling buying. This was never a short stock, always long term

  9. Blackberry will not close under $10. Mark my words. BB should worth $30-40/share VS competitors that are even weaker than Blackberry.

  10. I sold both of my BB stocks today trading them for the Cannabis stock CRON idk if i made the right choice but bb stock wasnt showing any kind of growth or potential and CRON seems to have a little potential especially if it gets federally legalized
    I still have a little faith in AMC though

  11. BB will go up next after these issues about GME and AMC. People should look into valuation of the company. BB should be in the range of $18.00 per share.

  12. Remember, analyst are assuming BB products will continue selling at the same rate..
    That is up to the consumer and the market..

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