Bull Call Spread Adjustments for Almost Zero Loss

Bull Call Spread Adjustments for Almost Zero Loss. If you are an option trader and especially an option seller then for any strategy …

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  1. U r expalaining so nicely. U excel in teaching and conveying ur ideas. I have seen almost all of ur videos they are excellent and I have learnt a lot.

  2. Sir aajkal overnight hold karne mein khatra hai, natural calamities, frauds, war etc account wipe out kar sakta hai , koi intraday strategy bata dijiye ?

  3. Thank you for your videos. These are very helpful in improving trading.
    I have a query.
    Suppose I created a 30 point credit put spread by
    Selling 18100 PE at 153 and
    Buying 18000 PE at 123

    I want to auto execute the order to book the profit at 15 points.
    How to calculate and place limit buy and sell order respectively.

    Like when market will go up sold PE price will rise and Bought PE will fall. What prices should I consider to eat 15 points.

    It is easy when seeing the screen but place order for auto execution require this calculation.
    Thanks in advance

  4. Adjust with the same strategy in a case where it goes down and then goes up,it's not easy in live market,don't misguide

  5. The problem is MTM loss before the expiry. Please suggest a BLUE LINE-UP strategy

  6. Sir make simulation as per our view of all steegies .if we decide market goes up and market goes up slow and steady and we make bull call spread ..show that..please


  8. Sir thanks. But mera question hai sir hum upar koi ce sell kar k bhi isse adjustment kar sakte hai kya? Aur jaise jaise market niche ce sell ka profit lekar nikal jaye aur fir koi ce sell karde. Aisa katna thik hai kya?

  9. Good. Bye-the-way, one query about Dhan. Does it allow to trade in far ATM options ?? Some Other discount brokers do not allow.

  10. sir namaskar LOng investment ke liye bhi video banaya kariye ,mai aapko kafi mahino se follow kar raha hu , to please aap achhey stock bataye jise ham buy kare please sir

  11. सर, मैने एसबीआई की स्मार्ट प्रिविलेज पॉलिसी में दो साल में 12 लाख रुपए अब तक प्रीमियम दिया है, तीसरी किस्त जनवरी-23 में देनी है। सारे पैसे कम्पनी ने एक ही इक्विटी फंड में लगा रखा है जिसमें ग्रोथ काफी कम दिख रही है । कृपया अपना बहुमूल्य सुझाव प्रदान करें कि मुझे इस दिसंबर में अपने फंड को एक ही फंड में ही रखना चाहिए या फिर अलग-अलग किन फंड्स में स्विच कर देना चाहिए जिससे कि बेहतर रिजल्ट प्राप्त हो सके ।
    Fund Name
    Pure Fund
    Midcap Fund
    Equity Fun(100%, current value 1324356/-)
    Bond Fund
    Money Market Fund
    Bond Optimiser
    Balanced Fund
    Bond Fund
    Money Market Fund
    Bond Optimiser Fund
    Corporate Bond Fund
    Balanced Fund
    Bond Fund
    Money Market Fund
    Bond Optimiser Fund
    Corporate Bond Fund

  12. Sir you could have shown june as well your expiry was set to October so it was showing ticker was not liquid. Just fyi..

  13. Sir ??
    If Market goes down with speed we should buy put but you are advising to sell put why ?????????
    Sir clear out my confusion I will be very grateful to you ????????

  14. sir 1year se share market me hu
    hmesa lose hi hota h mujhe 10000 dalta hu kuch din khalta hu bhir loss ho jata h
    mujhe time frame nha smajh me ata h

  15. Please dont advise retail investor to short naked put. It can throw them out of market permanently.

  16. Sir it's my humble request please make more videos on adjustment and it's techniques from basis to advise please please please

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