Butterfly Option Strategy | Option Trading Strategies

Butterfly option strategy is one of the several option trading strategies that professional traders use from time to time, in this video I …

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  1. Sir can you make a video on that, how we can get profit from long butterfly strategy before expiry, because it's shows good risk to reward on expiry day basis if market expire in the range then we get profit, but sir can't understand how we can get profit from this strategy before expiry.

  2. Two questions:
    Let's say I am bullish on market and I applied butterfly as a intraday…Is this strategy worth for intraday?…And how much one will get in this strategy (intraday) if suppose market closed exactly at the selling Postion (friday) ????

  3. Hey I just wanted to know that what's the reason like you you are not interested in debit spread and in this video you said that you will rarely do the strategies that include debit spread, I know that need to give money in debit spread I just wanted to know your reason

  4. Nice one Manek.
    Can you make a dedicated vid on weekly/monthly strategy setup which can be used stress free requiring less adjustments by an office goer like me…??
    I hope you will make one❤️

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