Butterfly option Strategy with live example in Telugu | Option tr…

I have explained Option Strategy Butterfly with live example. Online Options Trading Course Free Options trading Course: for those who already opened …

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  1. రామ్ గారు,

    థాంక్స్ అండి మంచి వీడియొ పెట్టినందుకు. మాక్సిమం లాస్ 2625 చూపిస్తున్నది ఎక్సెల్ షీట్ ప్రకారం. కానీ రియల్ ట్రేడింగ్ లో 3438 వరకు లాస్ వెళ్ళింది. ఎందువలన సార్ ?

  2. chala strategies choosa bro mee channel lo really ippudite naku burra heat ekkutundi my fav, short strangle, short gut, long call butterfly, long call condor, iron butterfly , for range bound

  3. మీ ఎక్సప్లనేషన్ చాలా సూపర్ గా, క్లియర్ గా ఉంటుంది సార్ tq

  4. Sir, if we are bullish on a stock on 1st day of the month, shall we apply long butterfly strategy or bull put spread ? Please explain the difference between them.

  5. Hi Sir,
    Below are the your post on your telegram.

    Can u pls make a video, how to read or understand below values.

    Karnataka Bank Q4:
    PAT at Rs 31 cr vs Rs 27 cr YoY. NII at Rs 459 cr vs Rs 529 cr YoY. CAR at 14.85%.
    Gross NPA 4.91% vs 3.16% QoQ.
    Net NPA 3.18% vs 1.74% QoQ

  6. Ram garu, will you please explain when should be use ( howmany days before expirty )long butterfly or call put spread ?

  7. Covered all of your videos and points noted down. Excellent. All those noted points will be used to make ' a simple options trading excel sheet'. Learnt so much. I would be glad if you make a Q & A video and another video like " Tips in Options Trading".

  8. Sir basket order lo required margin 2lak chupistu final margin 80 k chupistundhi thani meaning mana dhagara 80k unte order's execute avthadha leka 2lak unte execute avthundha pls reply ivandi sir

  9. Hi sir good explanation
    Pls do the adjustments also so it will be like combo pack pls

  10. Anninti kante evergreen kothavaru kuda chesela simple n best n risk less stretegy nti brother

  11. Hi sir. Chala videos chusaa. Me strategy super ga vuntundi. Naku oak doubt sir delivery lo 15% loss lo vundi delivery to intraday convert avvali loss miss chesukovalaa. Oak videos cheyandi sir

  12. Market ela vunna any evergreen strategy vundha.. Daily 1k aina,,
    Same price daggara CE and PE cheyacha,

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