Cincopa Photo Gallery Services

A short review of Cincopa – I used them on the blog briefly. Find out why!

4 thoughts on “Cincopa Photo Gallery Services”

  1. Hi, thanks very much for the review. I am looking for the same platform as Cincopa that will provide analytics leads in the slide shows do you have other user friendly recommendations? I am building a vacation rental website with LiveRez and looking for a reliable slide show gallery to integrate on non home pages. Can you help? Thanks for all you do! 🙂

  2. I bought the "$99 Unlimited Photo for Life" from Cincopa. Which included unlimited bandwidth. They replied, "Reasonable usage of the traffic, means no more than 3 times of the average traffic usage for Unlimited Photos users on Cincopa."

    I think they need to check the dictionary on the definition of "unlimited."

  3. Thanks for the review. You saved me from wasting my time. Cincopa…if you read this…don't be stupid…cheating customers will lose you a lot more money than you might save. I won't be using plugin on any of the blogs I design and I'll tell others. Get with it!

  4. Thank you for the review. I've had one bad experience with them myself. Poor customer service all the way around.

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