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CLOV Stock Analysis, Dark Pool Data, Options Strategies & Price Predictions | Wall Street Stonks We’ve all seen the wall street bets hype, short squeezes, and …

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  1. Young Buffett sat around the table with his followers. It had been but a few scant days since their glorious run in the field… that moment of pure freedom.

    Earlier the question once again had come up.. "My Lord, what of Leg? Will its strength Hold or will my chair fall, taking me with it!?".

    So Young Buffett convened this meeting, to once again re-assure & give wisdom to his followers… that they too could find the confidence to trade on.

    As they all looked upon the table, their various tools & manuscripts laid out, Young Buffett pointed to one such Scroll, a daily report from the field… "Wisdom of the Ape". They all looked closed & studied its writings, with Young Buffett proclaiming, "Look fast my followers, see how the winds of fate seem to shift upon a seemingly daily basis".

    As he pointed down the list, his hand fell to another Leg that he knew some possessed.

    " UPS, I know of which some possess… look how its opinion has raced up this list thrice & one half in yet a day!", those around the table with this leg pounded the table and cheered, as Young Buffett Continued, "I have seen names take a fort night to move even 1 step up, some till the solstice…" he took a moment to pause, pointed & re-iterated his point, "Then some like this from the shadows will rise, seemingly without meaning, until you listen to the whispers from the alley ways & investing dens to find out why."

    Young Buffett continued down his list until he found CLOV, as this was what they were studying this eve. He pulled other documents & research around on the table, showing the younger followers how the words & sentiment of the day could potentially influence the strength of the leg.

    "Look closely my followers & take heed… listen well to the words written in, for they might seem unrelated now.. but as you continue to learn your leg, they might make sense." He pointed to 1 word in particular… porn, "Look up on this word, we all know its meaning.. & yet it seems out of context here within the realm of CLOV."

    As many nodded, a young follower perked up, "May haps, this is a mistake… or perhaps a jest to throw us off track?"

    Young Buffett looked at his bright eye pupil, "Perhaps… Perhaps," Stroking his magnificent beard, he looked to his chair, then back to the followers, "It is true there are those who would seek to swindle or push us off track… Larger groups… Short Sellers," Hisses emerged from the crowd as that most vile of word was spoke, "Yet still it might be a code for another group like us to act, and maybe we need to learn their moves."

    The Young Follower nodded, "I see… there is much in this deliberation in this world… thinking required on many levels."

    Young Buffett nodded as well, "Yes, Indeed. Even still upon look this," he gestured toward two more documents, "Look how our new leg CLOV moves in seemingly illogical ways… under the duress of Maximum Pain it seems to grow." He looked to the other document, "Even stranger still look upon the shadowy pool, where the darkest of transactions take place… see how the Net Short Volume has increased by a Factor of 10."

    Once again, the table erupted in hisses at the mere mention of those vile creatures. Young Buffett continued to go over the details of these documents, and even referenced his previous lessons on how they operate in the shadows.

    As the evening wore on the great Oracle of CLOV, Sanel_K, was mentioned. The group studied close this scholar's work. Though he was a proponent of "Technical" studies, Young Buffett respected this man all the same. Even going so far as to wishing to welcome him to the table at one point.

    "Behold, there are mays to study the market to build your chair. This man, Sanel_K has chosen the path of the Technical." Young Buffett Remarked, "Though not my style, I aware of its teachings."

    The Young Follower Interjected, "But Master, has he not fallen off the true path then!"

    "No, no, my young follower," Young Buffett corrected, "There are many ways to interpret our grand market… may ways to grow the long-term chair effectively. As long as you are diligent & respectful, taking care to grow your chair in a way that does not endanger its root… then it could be considered a correct way."

    They studied the great options chain next, to gain an understanding of the flow & sentiment of the market through the contracts. Rumors of the legendary "Gamma Squeeze" circulated amongst those whom chose CLOV as one of their legs. Some commenting openly about how the cycle could commence under the right conditions.

    By learning to read the chain correctly, looking upon how the contracts are formed & their flow, one could see another glimpse into how a stock might move… before it even makes its move. Like an opponent revealing their strike with a twitch of limb, so too do the stocks reveal their intentions sometimes. Young Buffett conveyed this wisdom, as those at the table nodded.

    As the evening waned, Young Buffett & his followers tended to their chairs… preparing them for the next day, for it was the first day of the week & the market was to be opened again.

    "Tend to your chairs closely & rest well, for tomorrow we learn whether or not our legs run a 2nd day… take a moment of rest & respite," Smiling, Young Buffett pointed a finger to the sky, "Or potentially Squeeze to the heavens."

    Everyone cheered at this final comment of the evening, as the lamp lights disappeared one by one, the room fell silent & vivid dreams of glory in the market filled their heads.

  2. Thanks for the video, for those of us new to investing this really helps keep motivation high during the Big Red drought over the last 5 weeks. Looking forward to toasting with everyone on the moon!!!!

  3. Where do we see this going to? I’m 50% down in my holding but averaged down and bought the price dip today, but when should I sell?

  4. LMAO short interest surprised post ER dropped from $9s to low $8 and short increased it is a miracle! ? ?????

  5. Cheers! I’m averaged way down and thrilled going into the week. I’m optimistic. I’ve subscribed to about 8 things on you tube, lifetime… and I’m old. Good stuff I here.

  6. May be, just may be if there is a new CFO announcement, we might see a spike. Just my hope. In my opinion if people load up so much on the 8$ we might change the max pain

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