Collecting Dividends vs Option Premiums | Passive Income Investin…

There are various ways to collect passive income in the stock market: Dividend Investing and collecting Option Premiums are the 2 that Ales and I use the most.

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  1. What kind of stocks do you usually do Cash secured put on? Bluechips, or high volatile (SPAC) for high premium, or more stable ones?

  2. Good video ! I have an unusual question about a risky stocks. What do you think about psychedelic stocks ? Do you think it could be revolutionary and profitable in long-term because of the pandemic ? I just want to have a really tiny part of my portfolio with some growth/speculative stocks. ( but I'm making research still 🙂 ) Have a good day and continue making great content !

  3. Thanks for your insights guys. Very interesting. I’m just pure dividends and I buy BMO covered call ETF’s LoL and my most risk would be split share funds like SBC from Brompton:)

  4. What's your take on passive income with dividends vs option premiums?
    I'm 3:1 favouring option premiums and Ales is 4:1 favouring dividends.
    I'll slowly migrate more to the dividend side to build that "passive snowball" quicker

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