Complete Overview: OPTIONS TRADING BASICS – Tutorial for Beginner…

Complete Overview: OPTIONS TRADING BASICS – Tutorial for Beginners (EP:2) Options trading allows you to buy or sell stocks, …

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  1. Which topic would you like us to cover next Wednesday?

    1-How to trade in options?

    2-Mistakes to avoid in options trading

    3-Types of charts in Technical Analysis

  2. धन्यवाद angle team सर जी behartin trike se aap explain krte हैं आप लोग से अच्छा explain shyad ही koe kar sakta hai…

  3. Please update brokerage charging on number of trade execution instead of number of trade placed on Angel. Grow app & others do not charging like you! Sara kamai to brokerage se le jate ho!

  4. Complete video on how to operate Angel one Dmat, Trading, bank account, intraday, positional trade in equity, Derivatives-futures & options, Commodity, forex trading platform, view reports, charts, how to place order, stop loss set , target set, in all segment, BTST, all

  5. Thanks a lot for initiating the series on F & O.
    Further, request to commence series on analysis of Candle sticks and on Forex currency option trading.

  6. Dear Sir/Madam.
    Thanks for the you are Selected the Most important topics(OPTION TRADING )of Trading Market platform.So many people are interested for Option Trading, But they didn't get the proper knowledge. Many people go to the market to trade with just an Small idea about options trading, no proper knowledge or guidance. And they lose everything and end up out of the market and one day they will not be able to return to the stock market. It is a good idea to discuss and evaluate the topic very slowly, one step at a time. I hope that when you have taken this initiative, you will discuss about option trading in detail, step by step, step by step, one by one. The trader does not have to stay in the dark next time. And they can become supportive. Hopefully, this Option Trading Series of yours will be an invaluable educational video for all traders and newly beginners of market for each and every time, where all the information and questions about Option Trading can be given in a precise way. Finally, I would like to thank you once again for choosing this invaluable topic.
    With worm Regards 🙏🏻

  7. I want to Know about Options Trading In Step By Step Manner …so we Will Never Do mistakes in Basic Things.🙏🏼

  8. Pls also show us how to place orders, stop loss, on Angel One Platform for both Call and Put. And how to avail Margin, leverage and norms of availing it in detail. Thanks. Very good initiative tby Angel One…Kudos 👍

  9. Sir, Please make a small video for which Chart (Analyse/Read/Watch) as an intraday option Buyers either Spot Chart or Future Chart? because I am so confused last few months

  10. Sir your videos are most important for a beginner and i want to you that make more videos on technical analysis trend line support resistance and all tools where we can make money from the options plz

  11. आपने बहुत अच्छा Subject लिया है सर
    I am beginner, so your this episode is golden episod and turning point series of my trading Education
    Very good सर and thanks 👍

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