CONSISTENTLY Find WINNING Options Trades Using These 5 Methods

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14 thoughts on “CONSISTENTLY Find WINNING Options Trades Using These 5 Methods”

  1. why most of the trade idea involve selling option even though it a long dated option and usually option buyer have an egde with long expiration?

  2. thanks a lot for sharing! shorting option is the treasure of this era, which could provide consistent passive income, i deem it as a much better business than a small business like open restaurants etc. simply because those small business are barely profitable anymore at this era, the golden era for those small business has passed already.

    thank u again, Davis, i'm ur fan!

  3. I have been using support and resistance levels to get trade ideas myself..Thank you for the helpful suggestions! Can't wait to try them out!!!

  4. Hi Davis, I am curious how you opened a Tasty Trade account. I am in Canada. How would I open a TT Account to trade from?

  5. Yet another fantastic video Davis! I didn't know tastytrade had a newsletter that recommended trades. Will register for that, thanks!

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