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  1. Thanks for this. Kindly take us through the actual series of trades done by Shreyas from beginning till date for Reliance Industries to adjust the covered calls, etc. in another video. Will be grateful for that.

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  3. Good presentation… is it good to do straddle and buy put option of strike price at a distance of premium received on straddle ie by selling both call N put at ATM …

  4. I hv sold 2300 October call at 90 and cmp is 135. So if it zooms at expiry to say 2500, i will gv delivery and if reliance continues to move up, i will never be able to buy it back. Whats to be done in this case?

  5. For selling OTM calls, how many strikes above we should go? And is this strategy to be implemented at start of series or any time?

  6. Hi
    At 4:56 as an adjustment you told to sell another call at or below the BEP but it should be at or above the BEP.
    I think if you sell call way below BEP then if share price rises to above BEP then you will be minimum loss but will not get any profit. Your view please

  7. Thanks a ton for the video. I was planning to implement after owning few stocks. My question is that brokers in India (Zerodha) still seem to need 50% cash for margin despite having the entire stock in demat. Having cash for selling covered call isn't optimal. Is there any way around this?

    Also if the call is ITM, we need to deliver the stock – will we get a cash deposit back for the original underlying value? Meaning if a stock priced 100, call at 110 goes to 120 in expiry. The stock gets delivered – but what happens to the base 110 we own?

  8. New rules say that physical delivery settlement is the norm now for stocks, so what happens if our call strike ends up in the money? Does my broker automatically transfer out the shares from my Demat account without any action on my part and close the position? Or am I supposed to buy back the call and close the position on my own and sell the shares? what is the exact process? Thanks

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