COVERED CALLS – EARN EXTRA MONEY (Options Trading Strategy Expla…

Covered Calls – In this video we will give you a simple explanation how to earn extra income with this option trading strategy.

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  1. The Palantir Option we used was made up and not a real current option. You can shop around and pick a call to sell that works for you! Thanks Everybody!!

  2. Looking at huge descending triangle on daily I bet SOS ? will hit 2.30 – 2.50 this week. What's your pt?

  3. This also works the other way when you trying to get into a stock you can put a lower price and collect premium and even lower your cost – the premium.
    I am still learning about this but that is how I understand it. You just need to have the 100 shares worth in your account.

    Do you have to hit the price spot on or it has to go pass it on the way up or down. Cheers

  4. I love doing this. I started doing this a couple weeks ago. Last week I got $120 free dollars on my fuelcell shares. Got the sell $12 call right before it fell hard.

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