Crypto Position sizing and position size calculator #cryptotradin…

This is the part 4 of crypto trading tips series in Hindi. In this video we have discussed how position sizing is done in crypto trading.

13 thoughts on “Crypto Position sizing and position size calculator #cryptotradin…”

  1. I donwloaded the Excel sheet but it does not have any formulaes. It does not seem to work.
    Then I I was thinking you would show the formulae in the video but you never clicked (7:00) on the "POS SIZE" and "ALTCOIN QUANTITY" cell – which could have shown us the formula and I could have then copied and filled in manually.
    It will be nice if you give the formula or the corrected excel bro.

    Like most people, I learnt about the importance of position sizing little late, but I hope its not too late.
    Thnx for the valuable content. Hope to hear from you about the formula bro.

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