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  1. does anyone know where I can learn about Futures/Micro futures… I don't know anything about them..lot of this is going over my head here

  2. Hi, Don! First, I'd like to thank you for all the great video content! Your style of teaching makes it easy to learn to trade while managing risk. I've already blown up one account, I can't afford another. There's one thing I haven't found yet, though, that keeps me from getting started: what are you trading? I have been trading options on equities – 0dte vertical credit spreads on XSP or SPX, mainly – and what I see when you get into a trade is you click the bid or ask in the watch list and off you go. Are you buying/selling calls? Puts? Credit spreads? Straight up shares? This part has me very confused. I have a very small account (sub-$1k) and, when I try trading anything less than a credit spread, the cost is beyond my ability to cover. It doesn't matter which of the micro-minis I try, the margin req is often far more than I have. What am I not seeing? Thank you!

  3. why do you use 5 minute candles. Seems like serious changes in direction of the market can happen within those 5 minutes and catch you off guard. I always thought someone trading minis would want to be using 1 minute candles

  4. I just finished all four videos of your beginner series. Thanks so much for all your hard work in producing quality content and instruction!

    I have only one question (for now!): Who trades during the off-hours? Is it more individual retail traders rather than computers trading their algorithms? More tricky to trade or still following more or less the same market patterns? I'm asking as I might be living in a place where the market open will be late at night and it's not very convenient!

  5. I just setup my account in TastyTrade to try your method. You do an awesome job in teaching.

  6. I've been watching countless other channels trying to figure out day trading, and I've learned more in your beginner series than in any other channel! Thank you Don!

  7. Hi Don, You are an excellent instructor.. I just learned to start at the begining, ..go figure !

  8. You great this is amazing..I just have 1 question..which ticker do I pick meaning..the platform I trade with (tradingveiw) has 8 different symbols for $MNQ…thanks in advance

  9. @Day Trading Micro Futures – Are your strategies suited more for /NQ or equally suited for /ES ?

  10. Just can't across you channel! Ordered the book. Should get here tomorrow. I'm going to use tradovate as I see that they have a paper trading and I use a Chromebox and Chromebook. And your recommended platform does not accept Chrome OS. Have you had any experience with tradovate?

  11. im in Canada and unfortunately i cant use the software here as its not available yet. so i need to find an alternative. I am just starting on learning and i do have a question about what i am seeing, I am looking for your NASDAQ 100 MICRO on trading view (google) but i cant seem to find it, and i am assuming its cause this video is from 2019. What would i be looking for for the 2021 market, I just subbed, Do you have a discord group where i can ask questions like these?


  12. Have enjoyed all the instruction. Thank you. I am having a very difficult time getting info about the significant details about the money requirements. Yes, I hear about the index points, the $2. payout. But I don't see inside the Portfolio account with the margin money sitting there, the entire money required to put out for one trade, maybe multiplying the order quantity and what money would I need for that? and so on. Even until the account gets settled after the transaction.
    For example. When I buy 100 shares of a midcap stock selling at $20 I know it will cost me $2000. plus $4.99 commision. I will need $2005. in my account and after the transaction I will have 100 shares, and my account balance down $2005. I get all that.
    Now, what am I putting on the line for one futures trade transaction, and required in my account to trade one Micro E-min Nasdaq 100 futures contract. Lots of people explain while showing the standard specifications of all the contracts from the CME. But I do not see the money leaving anyones account and being put out there to make the .25 index points. and the $48 winfall.
    Also when you setup a trade, how much money are you putting out to pay for the one transaction.
    Everyone talks generally about the same things. I hope you might be able to do a segment about this. My initial horrifying experience today shows how little I know. Thank you

  13. I’ve been wanting to start day trading and found all your videos to be great… I have enough saved to fund an account for micros, do you recommend a marginal or cash funded account? What are the upsides and downsides of each, and may I ask which one you use for your TastyWorks account?

  14. yea how do you get the macd on the bottom like that? ive been watching and bought the book..but it doesnt really exsplain how to setup tastyworks like yours maybe a vidio on it?

  15. Don I'm excited about learning your system as I've been trying to learn all of the multiple ways that OTA has been teaching and being my age with lots of issues I'd like very much to be able to help my kids to learn your method. I have a Tasty Works account open and one of their phone reps. helped me get the MACD on my chart but I've been unable to get the colors coordinated like yours?
    Although I haven"t watched every one of the videos I've watched many, but haven"t found any on the total set-up of the Charting ? The options for choosing the colors are restricted to the upper portion of the Charts on the Tasty Works Platform.

  16. What's the difference between "margin" and "options"? In this video, margin is being used, yes? P.S., Chick-Fil-A has the best sandwiches. 🙂

  17. "You can easily see how darn near impossible it would be for beginner futurist traders to put up $30k day trading margin and have their account vary $5,000 in the first hour. That would be a lot of adrenaline while your trying to learn something."


  18. Great videos! Question about using the 5 min chart for indicator. Most other futures trading recommend using tick charts. Is there a reason you prefer 5 min over tick charts?

  19. Thank you for your video. It feels very encouraging to step into a new world. What is the capital needed for placing an initial long position for 1 contract. Do I have to place it with the full value x $2 or can I place it with $2, which is the size of a point on the NQ Micro? Or am I completely missing the point? Thank you.

  20. I am happy to find your channel and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I will def be buying your book!!!

  21. I purchased your book just to support the awesome work that you have done with the videos! God Bless. Thanks for being so generous with sharing both your experience and time with us.

  22. Instantly my favourite channel to learn trading techniques. Most of the other channels assume that you have some basic understanding, even in their "beginner" videos. Don explains everything extremely clearly in one of the most soothing voices that I have ever heard. He has grandfatherly charm.

    To show my appreciation for his efforts, I will be buying his book. If you have found value from this video series, then I recommend that you do so as well.

  23. Do you also you Fib Retracements to determine your support and resistance levels? Love the channel!

  24. Thank you for the videos, very explanatory and easy to understand for beguiners like me, good job!!!!.
    I have a question regarding the commisions values and how the are applied, if you could make a video about that would be awesome, if not I will apreciate and quick reply to this comment if possible. So as i understand, the ~85 cents are aplied on one trade, which does not interfere with the number of contracts you are trading. Are commisions applied per trade or per contract? Hope I made myself clear 🙂

  25. Hello Mr Singletary. I just discovered your channel and love it. Subscribed and ordered your book. You are so clear in your explanations which makes things easy to understand for a newbie like me. I’m about to open a Tastytrade account and begin practice trading. My question is maybe a tough one to answer because there are so many variables that can affect the outcome. But in your opinion, if a newbie like me were to do enough practice trading, then use smart capital preserving strategies and maybe scale up some, do you think one could average $200/day profit? This would be my dream amount to make through trading! Thanks for all your help!

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