Day Trading Options! | 0DTE Credit Spreads | 97% Win Rate (81/84)

Day Trading Options! | 0DTE Credit Spreads | 97% Win Rate (81/84) Robinhood Free Stock referral: …

15 thoughts on “Day Trading Options! | 0DTE Credit Spreads | 97% Win Rate (81/84)”

  1. Thank you for your videos! I have learned so much from you. I have found that trading 0dte Iron Condors on SPX are more profitable than call or put spreads alone. Obviously strike price selection is much more crucial with the Condors. I was wondering why you don't utilize them more often?

  2. Hi Logan. When you roll a 0DTE, and suppose your delta goes from -10 to -50 fast, and its only 2 hrs into the open, do you wait til end of day or do you try n roll at say a -25 delta b4 the position gets ITM? Thanks.

  3. The EM is just a function of the ATM option price, which is determined in part by the IV… So regardless of IV you will always get similar prices at those levels, it's just the EM may be 20-30 points in a low volatility market.

    Good trade! I've got my 4050/4060 CCS 1DTE on now, looking good after the late drop.


  4. Great video Logan I’m doing a $100-1k challenge on credit spreads on spy could you give me a few tips and could I follow the chart for spy credit spreads and qqq ?

  5. Another great trading day! You’ve got the best discord group. Looking forward to tomorrow’s callout. ??

  6. I know you mentioned in the video you picked the put side because of the perceived FOMO but I'd like to hear more on how you pick the direction, puts or calls. Thanks

  7. The one that tells you everything wrong with your strategy has never traded. I no longer teach or host a trading room, because I be smacking people with a rubber chicken. If the nay-sayers are too dumb not to try this simple money making strategy from you, they will never make money in the markets.

    I did a pcs 3910/3890 and a css 4045/4065 for .50 credit. I bought back the 3910 for a commission free trade at .05. I sold 3890 for .05.

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