Day Trading options this morning and breaking down this massive move on some $SPY put options that skyrocketed from .20 …

12 thoughts on “DAY TRADING OPTIONS! 1,000% MOVE IN HOURS???”

  1. Noobs…BE VERY careful day trading 0DTE calls/puts in AMZN,TSLA…huge swings and moves, can wipe you out if you're not rigid on rules, I know, I lost quite a bit. Patrick's right SPY/UVXY is a lot better instrument,,,,GLTA

  2. We go for penny stocks cause we can only afford penny stocks. I can’t believe I gotta say that ?

  3. Traded lowfloat penny stocks for 7 years and transitioned to options for 3 years now.

    Trust me. It's very difficult to be consistently profitable daytrading SPY/QQQ. I'd go and say it's even more difficult and chaotic than penny stocks.

    Commissions costs, human emotions & all those times you end up overtrading when it doesn't move in a predictable pattern.

    Also, there is no way anyone would've captured the full 1000% on SPY cause most would either…

    1. Sell early from the fear of going green to red.
    2. It doesn't move as much as you thought & suddenly reverses direction, which is like 9/10 times.

    Conclusion: Yeah, sure you can make a lot on SPY/QQQ but that is only when it behaves like this everyday which isn't gonna be the case the majority of the times.

    But hey, I ain't telling anyone not too if they think they can do better than me.

    Maybe it just doesn't fit my personality with all that manipulation, volatility & FUD in the market rn.

  4. can you make a video explain a litlle bit option how it work and also all the details to start trading option.
    best regards

  5. I’m looking at PJT partners for a call option. They look like a good company to thrive with all the FUD in the market.

  6. Looking at PJT partners Patrick. They seem to be a good company to thrive with all this FUD in the market.

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