Day Trading Options! 20% PROFIT IN HOURS!

Day Trading Options today in a “Small Account” and going over how you can capitalize off some of largest companies in the world …

11 thoughts on “Day Trading Options! 20% PROFIT IN HOURS!”

  1. Where do you find a chart on the options? Charts on the underlying are everywhere, but I haven't found charts on options.

  2. You show results, but not the thought process leading to why you made your entries. You did not explain how you got around the day trade rules. "Cash Account" does not explain it. Big on hype, low on how to do it.

  3. It works even better on TSLA, AMZN, GOOG & NFLX but with a larger account. Day tradng Options is not for beginners or for someone that doesn't know yet how to day trade, leverage works both ways: An option goes up 50% or down 50% easy. So an option trader lose money much faster if he or she doesn't know to trade. Everyone always talks only about positive aspects of options.

  4. Timing is key on day trading options…. the spread alone can make a 20% winner in just a few minutes… trading off key levels is $$$

  5. Hey Patrick, do you have any videos about the Options, buy/sell, call/puts
    Differences? Etc. Because I trade some Stocks but not big enough account and want to get into Options…!

  6. Day trading options is about as risky as it comes. I have done this for several years now and have taken very large profits along with also having some very large losses. I always trade the weekly that is about to expire even opening positions on a Friday. What I have found works best is buying well in the money sometimes even trading dollar for dollar with the underlying stock. Boeing is king for day trading options!! There is not a better moving stock on any normal given day. Great video Patrick!!

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