Day Trading Options A+ SETUP!

Day Trading Options this morning on the SPY and taking a A+ Setup wow! Market ended up BOOSTING to that 441 level by the …

6 thoughts on “Day Trading Options A+ SETUP!”

  1. That's not necessarily true about buying options. If your buying them for a scalp you don't have to buy close to the money options. It actually goes both ways with if you buy close to the money options you lose the value faster if it goes against you. Just as well as you gain value faster if they go up. If you scalp options then delta is more important. Delta tells you how much the option will move for every dollar. If your close to expiration then you want to buy closer to the money if you plan on holding them longer then 20 minutes. At that point you will start having theta chew away at your option. So as far as scalping within minutes you don't need to buy at the money options but you do want options with atleast a 20 delta. Once you get lower then a 20 delta then its harder to profit and you will need big moves like AMZN and TSLA.

  2. My trade for the day was buying tqqq $49 calls for tomorrow bought 3 calls at .9 sold 2 at 1.3 hold one still had a order to sell it at 1.65 it hit 1.62 and crashed

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