Day Trading Options vs Swing Trading

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5 thoughts on “Day Trading Options vs Swing Trading”

  1. I enjoy the introduction: There is hard-hitting penetrating risk regarding swing sometimes more than day trading.

    Swing has its stresses — it is risky with sometimes NO control — as overnight or out-of-market hours when stock volatility socks one.

  2. I been try Day trade about 6 month lost $2500 then i stop back to swing trade if your are not pro don't try it trust me day trade for people who very very good or professional only and you should spent at least 1 to 2 year learn first before you start day trade

  3. You don’t need fundamentals to swing trade but a lick, a big bull candle closing at near has a higher probability of being followed by another one. So you buy it. I don’t need to know hire many iPhones Apple sold if there be products right but people are buying so I buy

    Ta and patience is all you need

  4. Love the stash and the presentation! I started a video series using $100 and both swing trade and day trade. So far made it to $2,000 in 3 weeks

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