Im going to show and share with you some important topics when it comes to day trading support and resistance. Options trading doesnt need to be difficult or …

22 thoughts on “DAY TRADING OPTIONS WITH SUPER ACCURACY (100% success rate)”

  1. Great video Pat! Amazing content – TrickTrades is the real deal! Really appreciate all you do and the fantastic mentoring and dedication!!

  2. Pat, do your strategies require having a margin account? I'm not interested in doing spreads or other fancy options strategies. Really just interested in buying & selling calls/puts.
    PDT rule sucks and very limiting when it comes to day trading options or stocks for that matter. Also, do you have a trial membership package? Thank you!

  3. Came across your channel and what I like about is that you trade strong companies. You provide consistent strategy and you seem to always educate along the way. I am curious about what your members experience. I would like to join soon.

  4. If you ask me, Pat is pretty dam generous giving away for free the hard earned knowledge he has gained from years of experience. Join TT and learn a skill that will last you a life time.
    Thanks for all you do for us members!

  5. Folks…if you are tired of the BS with other services, come to TT. Never in my life has a mentor literally given you just about everything you need outside of putting a gun to your head and forcing you to click the mouse button. I have failed in trading for 13 years before I came to TT as a last ditch effort. Glad I stuck with it. If you want to be a real trader, have freedom and flexibility and have a strong potential to provide a good life for your family, give it a shot.

  6. You never say what types of options you buy. In the money out of the money or what. You leave out a lot for everyone to guess

  7. Trick Trades (Pat) is always on the money. Absolutely the best place to learn day trading. No trades for me today just watched what the week will be like after the holiday.

  8. Great video Pat! Reviewing charts tonight and the thing that stick out to me is how deadly accurate these levels are. This ISN'T a once in a blue moon thing either, Pat and the moderators in the room call out multiple plays like this every single day.

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