Discover the Zero Lose Option Strategy – You Won't Believe Wh…

In this video, I’m going to teach you a strategy called the Zero Lose Option Strategy. This strategy can help you make money in the …

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  2. Are bhen February mein vix high thi tabhi itna profit hua June , July mein bna kr dhikao loss hoga

  3. These strategies only shows profit in paper trading or back testing.
    Practically situations differs a lot?

  4. after buying hedges, and next market opens flat, should we exit from those hedges bought for protection?

  5. You are making too many videos in such a short period. Which one you yourself are doing, show us your results compare your videos and suggest which are better than the ithers and why itbis so.

  6. we are selling CE & PE of present expiry, on expiry day at 11 am. Then, how can you take it to next day i wonder !!

  7. Love your videos… could you back test this, with similar adjustments for any week where the market was sharply up or down, for the whole week…

  8. Day end par to adjustment karenge but intraday mein range break ho jaye to kaise adjust kare please make a detail video

  9. Hi
    I see your video it's very nice but I say to can you make swing trade zero loss strategy I hope you can make sure super strategy ?

  10. I executed my trade when ATM was 43500 but around 3 PM when I tried to hedge it with 43400 PE Zerodha did not allow me to buy it saying buy orders are blocked for overnight carry for this strike price due to OI limits. What to do now?

  11. Ma'm agar isko 3-4din continue karna pada for 2-3% weekly return, toh adjustments kya rahenge? Gap up/ Gap down k baad bhi agar 2% ka tgt nhi aya & humne extra hedges book kar li toh strategy profitable range se bahar dikh sakti hai.. Is case me kya karna hoga? Pls make a second video with its drawbacks and max risk we can assume and when we shld exit even if tgt isn't hit?

  12. Please let us know the adjustments and also if you can do the adjustment in a little volatile week. around 1200 points range

  13. what is agenda of algo Master Class?

    Is tradetron algo strategy or python code? What exactly given to participants?

  14. Looks to be a perfectly hedged strategy. Pl clarify below points.
    1. When to book the additional legs buy on next day? @ Market opening or at certain time of the day?
    2. Should we buy this additions legs every day till we hold this trae?
    3. As per the strategy explained you sold 9th Feb CE & PE Options and Brought 23rd Feb Options (2 weeks gap)? Why not 16th Feb Expiry?
    4. What adjustment to do if the break even an any side is breached?

    I saw this video yesterday and started Paper trading in Opstra from this week.
    Clarity on above points will definitely help for proper front testing.

  15. I have seen so many types of Calendar trades. Can you explain what is the benefit of the type you are using over many other types? The ones that I can think of on top of my head are 1) You match the premiums of the short leg and the long leg. 2) You match the delta of the short leg and the long leg 3) You match the strike of the long leg and short leg. The one you are using in this video is the 3rd one. Can you explain why this is better than the other 2 that I have listed?

  16. bhai isme 9th FEB ke baad 16th Feb expiry kyon nahi hai…. 9th Feb ke baad direct 23 feb expiry kyon hai ?

  17. abnd one question more jo hum hesge buy kar rahe hai vi kitna baje buy karne hai at 3 pm or 3.20 pm and agle din us hedge ko kitne baje sell karna hai by 9.20 am or 9.30 am

  18. mam my question s that u r telling that we have to make this on expiry . so suppose tumor Thursday us expiry we have to make this for NeXT week in morning at 10 am or we have to choose current week . for example if we assume todat date than , we have to buy and sell atm call and put of 19 April and 26 April or 13 april & 19 april

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