Earn 500 Per Day with this Simple Option Buying Strategy on #Quan…

In this video, I’m going to show you how to earn 500 per day with a simple algo strategy on Quantiply. Quantiply is a platform that …

20 thoughts on “Earn 500 Per Day with this Simple Option Buying Strategy on #Quan…”

  1. One of my collegue who was also interested in joining some platform has asked for guidance for following issue
    Dear Sir /Madan
    Good Day
    In order to improve the efficiency in execution of trades and to avoid the slippage i am considering to work with
    some Algo trader platform .

    We have to provide the API from broker for integration into the Algo system .
    My worry is that since the algo trader will have access to my account for placing the trade , he may
    sell deep OTM options to me and my capital will be eroded instantly .

    Please guide me if there is a possibility of happening such instances and what action and precautions i should take .

    Awaiting your valuable suggestions for improving my learning curve .

    With best Regards
    Simran seth

  2. expiry selection is not available in Quantiply. Could you please guide how to setup expiry (weekly or monthly) while creating algo in Quantiply.

  3. What happens if Sell triggers and buy do not trigger? If we focus on low capital margin then

    Kitana capital chahiye? real example batao brother.
    because i saw 1.5L per lot for selling. so, please

  4. Please make video on monte carlo simulation and share excel too…
    Great work brother keep it up ?

  5. Brother I coded this Strategy on Quantiply and added one more selling strategy to reduce drawdown and profitability… Thanks for sharing this with us ☺️

  6. How much margin required for this selling strategy with hedge ?? Coz for buying it is only 10000 rs required… How much is for selling strategy you shared

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