EP 01: Basics of Futures and Options trading for Beginners with e…

You might be wondering what is F & O Beginners guide to learn Futures and Options (F&O) explained with Examples. Why F&O?

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  1. then why technolgoy stock is trading in derivate market like in future contracts although its software and doesn't have any derivative

  2. Using a pose on thumbnail and a good caption can also be a source of income… but I am sure these guys really dont work on FNO's very well

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  5. When the market goes down then it's buying opportunity. If the market goes up then you are making money. If you stay invested and ignore the market's ups and downs, you'll make a lot of money in the long run; however, a severe market correction causes a lot of margin calls and sell-offs, driving the market even lower. currently, I'm up 13% in my diversified portfolio. As crazy as it sounds some still make enormous returns from this seemingly unknown market. gotta be greedy when others are fearful

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