Excel Forecast Function Explained!

This excel video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the forecast function which can be used to predict a y value given an x …

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  2. Hello, what if the first value of Year 1 is not provided and there were no previous data available, is there a way in finding that Year 1 value of a certain subject?

  3. Hello I have a presentation due at work and I've never done a forecast. I'm looking for someone to assist me bcz I have multiple lines of data. I am willing to pay for tutoring. It is due @ 7am Wednesday morning! Thank you

  4. Thank you so much! Because I'd have thought Regression model analysis was the only method to forecast values! Though, I can guess the difference. But I wish if you can suggest the difference between this function and regression analysis!

  5. I don't know why the forecast.ets function doesn't exist in my Excel 2013. I've checked the add ins and customize ribbon settings and it have check list completed, but still it doesn't appear or exist. Can someone please help me to tell how to overcome this?

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