FoE How to Use the GB Investment Calculator

Hi guys, I am a leader of a guild in Forge of Empires (FoE) and I always get a lot of questions on how to understand and use the …

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  1. I don't get how you only have to donate 218 fp to secure every spot and lvl a gb that takes over 1000 but it tells me I have to prime my 8-9 arc with 498 fp just to secure first and second place when the entire fp needed to lvl is only 860? When it gets higher lvl will it become cheaper to lvl like your GB? Or are arcs naturally more costly. I agree its way better than the full amount.

  2. Hi, this is another similar tool with Arc Calculator:

    After selecting Great Building and level, You see simple table with costs, rewards and FP need to block each spot.

    In other pages on this website You can see tables with rewards of all levels, check summary owner cost for few levels. Costs are also shown on the chart to better illustrate their decline from around the 30th level. Other tables show the bonuses, You can compare the same bonuses in different GB. And much others…

  3. For people with lower level Arcs (eg level 11), using 1.9 is still very costly. You, as the GB owner, might still need to contribute 600 fps (out of 900) to prime it before you can post it on a 1.9. It can take a long time for someone to put 600 fps on their own Arc. And it requires a subtle change in thinking of the GB owner to adjust.You'll get a marginal fp discount compared to using swap threads, but a faster levelling time. If you have a high level Arc, and you are an investor, you can get thousands of fps back for a top spot. That's real, tangible rewards. But as the GB owner, you don't get anything like that. You're still spending hundreds of fps although you'll level it quicker. It can be frustrating because it can take AGES for a low level person to obtain those 600 fps. Once your Arc is primed, you post it to the 1,9 thread. But someone could still come along and ruin things by adding points on uninvited (this is what sniping is) – a friend, someone in the hood, someone else from the guild. I've been sniped every single time I've posted mine on the guild thread. Someone in the hood, or a friend will assume its ok to throw 20 points on my Arc, and screw the numbers up.

    How do you stop your Arc in a 1.9 from getting sniped?

    My guild are online at all different times. I simply cannot get a time when all the investors are on at the same time and have their fps ready. The only way I've found is to use a private invite-only 1,9 thread where you can get your Arc levelled within minutes.

  4. I have been using this tool for ages but didn't realize about the investor part. So many thanks for that keep up the good work.

  5. Should your building be at a specific level to use 1.8, 1.9 etc.? Like if my Artic Orangery is level 9 going to 10 says I have to put 684 fp. Seems high.

  6. Good video but CAN you do another showing how to calculate if someone snipes? I can add the numbers in, but once I do I can’t figure out how much more I need to prime. This also goes for people who put down random amounts (and I’m not talking about 5-10). Thank you.

  7. This is great! Everyone kept telling me to use the calculator, but no one ever said how it works. You give clear instructions and I appreciate it.

  8. Thanks. One question. I’m in the progressive era and have all blueprints for the arc but don’t have the goods. Any suggestions on how I can get them or can I build my arc

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