Forget the FIRE Movement: Sell Options for Income (2022 Update)

My original article on retiring selling options: …

3 thoughts on “Forget the FIRE Movement: Sell Options for Income (2022 Update)”

  1. Made 50% 2020, then 100% 2021 by selling option premium (mostly cash secured), got greedy last October, used those profits and bought too many LEAP calls (rarely i buy options)… ride that shit down this year, finally capitulated few days ago, lost around 70% of those profits, salvaged the rest, bought stock (no Theta bleed), and now i can at least sleep knowing i'm Theta positive. Now focusing again selling cash secured puts and covered calls. My favourite is to sell secured strangles weekly. It will take me maybe one year to get back to "break even", and the most important lesson (which i already knew), do not buy options LOL 🍺 Oh, what stock i'm referring? Blackberry, its already down enough and i'm seeing bright future 👍

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