Free 2023 Options Trade Log! Trading Dashboard! Adjusted Cost Bas…

In this video, I’ll show you how to track your options trades and analyze your performance using this free trade log I created in …

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  1. This is really great. I'm just starting with the wheel and just entered my first trade. One thing I thought about. Now it's March 28 and I have made a deposit this month to my account to begin trading. So I enter it in the Deposit field in March. But that isn't calculated in the account under March. It wrks fine if I put it as a deposit from February, but shouldn't the deposits I make in the actual month also be included in the sum at the top or am I missing something?
    Not a big deal, since I can add it from the previous month. But just something that I thought about now when starting in the middle of a month.

  2. Great Trading Log- I love it! I've just started using it to track my trades with paper money to help me stay on course in the learning process. Quick question: why is the expiration date for some open Short Puts I've entered being automatically highlighted in red with a message informing me the date is incorrect? I've opened the trades on a Tuesday because the market was closed on Monday but the expiration dates are all on the Friday of that same week? Thanks!

  3. I been following you for little less than a year. I plan on migrating to your trade journal for 2023. Do your journal track different accounts in one book?

  4. Nice job. I’ve been using it all year. How do I remove columns I don’t use ? I would like to replace the butterfly column with a column to track the delta ?

  5. Hello and thanks again for the info. Can you please tell me how do I have access to the Google Sheets?

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