In this video I will explain what is the right way of hedging futures. I will explain futures hedging with the help of nifty futures.

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  1. Very Nice but Satpal Bhai aap kabhi Futures ke Undefined Risk ko Protect karne ke liye koi Adjustment nahi batate. Please Undefined Risk ka bhi koi Solution bataya kare…

  2. As this is partly hedged, I think one of best ways to Hedge Long Futures is to buy slight ITM Put Option so that little time value bought and can also sell OTM Call to part finance the Put. As our view is bullish, we must not press both accelerator and break at the same time. By selling ATM Call, u have to wait to book profits as Long Futures will be showing profits but ATM call sell will be showing losses, so net will be modest profit (if not loss). So, despite our view being correct in let's say 2-3 days, we have to wait for more days to book good profits due to call sell.

  3. Hi bro thanks for sharing knowledge. u can add itm pe i.e buy itm pe option 17800 or 17900 to reduce the loss it's much safer imo also call selling is also crct it works.

  4. Han ji wo baat to thik hai but jab company ke results wane wale hoti hai 4 example Friday evening mai results anna hai v don't know results kese hoga to 1 future short and ATM put sell 2 lot dalta natural kar dia and put ka decay apni side kya ye thik hai reply kar ke apne aap ko real option seller show karo jo reply karta hai logo ke

  5. आप फ्यूचर ना खरीद के सिर्फ option sell करेंगे जब भी सेम रिजल्ट आएगा फ़िर फ्यूचर की क्या जरुरत है प्लीज एक्सप्लेन जवाब जरूर दे

  6. Kya hum option buying ke place pe option sell kar sakte hein future ke saath
    Kya buying se jyada sahi hoga selling

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