Gamers Making MILLIONS With Gamestop! Stock Price SKYROCKETS Than…

I can’t say for sure what is going on here but it appears it’s a battle between Reddit & Gamers to drive the Gamestop stock up The …

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  1. Jeremy "No Real Reason"? The story isnt over. Shorts never closed. Squeeze never squoze.

    Please revisit this in a new video. Please look into the DRS GME movement and all the due diligence library on superstonk.

    This thing will go to another Galaxy, they've been kicking the can and tripling down for 2 years straight.

    TICK TOCK Infinite Liquidity fairy Market Makers Citadel Securities, Susquehanna, and Virtu

  2. I still think it’s so surreal to hear political channels and even the White House talk about “the GameStop situation” as if they’re talking about the video games themselves.

  3. And exchanges are changing the rules during the game and are still losing. Wall Street bets are not playing, they don’t care if they lose. This is just the beginning

  4. I’m not against GameStop surviving. What I hate about GameStop is that they pretty much have a monopoly on their niche. Yes, you can buy video games from Walmart, target, Best Buy, etc. but there aren’t any other major chains that offer the same product and atmosphere as GameStop which is why GameStop can treat their customers the way they do.

  5. I've been playing the stock market for almost 2 years when I first opened my account I got a free gamestop share and sold it a little over a month later ive been following Wallstreetbets on reddit for about 3 weeks but didn't think it could make a whole difference boy was I wrong now ive been riding with these guys ever since and its been a blast I currently am buying Nokia (NOK) shares and I'm behind them all the way

  6. I love GameStop also I am part of a gaming community/family and we try to get people to buy from GameStop the group I am with is AAMC

  7. The amount of mistakes you make reading these articles is laughable. If you are going to critique everyone else so much maybe read the articles correctly.

  8. NO, I think GameStop should die like the prehistoric dinosaur it is. I'm pretty sure we had people who loved talking to the milk man but you don't see those guys walking around anymore. I hope no one isn't holding on to they're stocks because this plane is going down so you better jump out while you still have the chance. Once the hedge funds and short sellers run out of money, we are fucked. The whole point of this was to take money from them not from each other.

  9. Gamestop as their store is fine. But the WHOLE upper management is the most degenerate, greedy, unethical, unqualified mass of people I have ever witness. They deserve to lose everything.

  10. Yeah, this doesn't actually have anything to do with Gamestop. This is a big middle finger to the Hedgefunds that steal money my scaring people into selling and then buying them out for profit. The higher it goes, the more money they owe and there is no bottom limit.

  11. Nope not any more they put a stop to it! It's okay for the fucking elitist to make billions, but if the average American starts makin millions… they shut it down Immediately! What a fucking world we live in.

  12. When i 1st bought Anthem, it was priced at 69.99 (73.42 with taxes), after a month of playing and beating it, i went to sell it back to GS and it was still in perfect condition (i mean absolutely NOTHING wrong) and what was the pay out?


    And NOW theyre mad?

  13. Infiltrate Wall Street…
    They took our homes and parent's jobs in 2009 by treating our lives like fodder for a casino.

  14. Don't buy this thinking you will get rich. When it drops it will crash hard. The sad part is the higher it gets the more money some wall street guy will make bank when it crashes.

  15. One hedge fund lost 3 billion on this i think. They had to get bailed out for 3 billion and are still looking at filing for bankruptcy if stocks hit 170 to 180 dollars mark.

  16. You think any money from stocks sold for twitter and Facebook went into this?

    That'd be funny

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