Gamestock REDDIT SHORT SQUEEZE DESTROYS Hedge Funds [GME stock sh…

Massive Gamestop GME short squeeze sends GME stock price to the moon but what happens next with Gamestop Stock will be even more surprising Is GME …

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  1. Exactly how the oligarchs maintain the overinflated price of Tesla and the rest of the future tech wreck; option squeezes is the norm for the Wall St crooks.

  2. There always a gambit that skyrockets in price and value and then suddenly draws attention and triggers a need to rationalize its sudden rise making FOMOed corporations and financial institutions to pull out suddenly at losses that starts a massive market correction or even a crash. I wonder if Game Stop is that piece of stock chip that starts that domino effect? ?

  3. So basically if someone owned 150 shares and they bought them for $2 per share so they spent $300?
    And if one share is now worth $500 they make $75,000?

  4. This isn't really a pump and dump because it is the short sellers that will need to do the buying at the top. People can name their price on what the short sellers pay. They are like fish in a barrel. The price is already too high for them to get out easily and there is too much stock for them to sell quickly. The price would easily have gone over $1000 and kept rapidly moving upwards if not for robinhood preventing users from buying. It will likely be a while before the price falls. The hedge funds have a lot of money and all that money can easily be drained from them. That is a lot of money available and that is why it is not a pump and dump in this case.

  5. Can’t find the game stop on my platform . GameStop on etc capital pro platform says it’s on 20150?

  6. Love to all the Robin Hoods of the world, fuck the bilionaires that have been manipulating the markets for ages

  7. DONT SELL! Robinhood blocked buying of GME so no one is gonna buy yours if you are to sell it. Sellers prepare to get rekt

  8. The hedge fund finally becomes the bag holder. I think it’s a turn Wall Street can’t handle. They didn’t name it “Robinhood” for nothing. ?

  9. They're claiming to want regulation but are just making the volatility more contentious and unstable with these psycho guidelines

  10. Wall Street will soon cause a crushing equity market crash, driving retail speculators out of the market for at least the next decade. As they did in 2000. We've already seen the movie, but I still look forward to enjoying popcorn with the sequel..

  11. Salad I love your analysis and explanations. The next time you are aware of a pump like this please let us know

  12. Robinhood is making retail lose millions of dollars so they can feed the hedge funds all the money. I hope they are sued for all the loses. Retail wins one time and they pull this crap. So much for free markets.

  13. Now market manipulaters will have some fear. Its just starting they lost 5.5 billion. I think next is silver@25$

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