GAMESTOP PEASANT REVOLT 2021 EXPLAINED: reddit vs. wall street

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32 thoughts on “GAMESTOP PEASANT REVOLT 2021 EXPLAINED: reddit vs. wall street”

  1. Enough with the children, baby and mother crap! Yes we all know you're a new mother. However, that's not what we're here for.

  2. I am extremely skeptical that retail investors alone were able to drive up the price this much. Be aware of the possibility that somebody else was testing a new market manipulation technique and using the memes as a cover.


    CAN YOU READ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Fk all tjis serious crap bring it in comical reasoning then evverybody understand s.

    All this serious crap its fake af otherwise it be bringed down.

  5. I love the baby in background!!!! So wonderful to have parents working with their children near. You are a beautiful inspiring mom. I love your perspective.

  6. baby's gonna baby, not a big deal. some people have sirens, dogs, cats, you name it there's all kinds of background stuff. "just life go'N On" hahaha

  7. It was still controled by them, poor dont get to play on their board. This was planned as a sign that the game is soon to stop. Last supper bowl 3 19 weekend .

  8. I am genuinely wondering why they did it only now? The tools for doing this are there for years already.
    I am also intrigued by the comments saying this has a connection to the Great Reset. Could be also very true.

  9. This smells so much like a toilet paper rush.

    Sometimes puppets get to keep a few pennys just to keep an illusion alive

  10. Wish I would’ve gotten this info sooner , I need to get on Reddit I guess going completely offline isn’t that good either

  11. This gamestop thing isn't a win for the little man it's to bring in more regulations getting closer and closer to 1984.

  12. Kept see'ing headlines about india banning crypto and i have been looking up bill gates bitcoin and it looks like hes the reason, he wants to make is own blockchain payment system in pakistan, thats why they attempting to ban crypto agggghhhh what is bill gates up to ?

  13. @reallygraceful Please look into JK Rowling’s new book the ickabog. Reading it I was struck by the similarities of the storyline and the pandemic. Evil men making up a scary monster to force people to accept many new policies in the kingdom. Supposedly she whipped this story into a novel to entertain children during the pandemic but I feel there’s a deeper message. If you have time check it out, I’d love to see if you think there’s anything to it as well 🙂

  14. Hahahaha, peasants don't have money to invest and take down anything. You are kidding yourself if you truly believe this was peasants doing this hahahaha, gullible morons.

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