GameStop, Robinhood, Reddit, and You? Everyone's Being Invest…

The regulators are coming, the regulators are coming. When stock prices spike like they did in the great WallStreetBets GameStop Buy-A-Thon of 2021, you can …

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  1. For those who don't understand how things work, the CEOs are going to be testifying on capitol hill before angry US Reps who will gladly not do anything provided their company arranges for the proper campaign donations. The US Reps will through veiled threats indicate what actions they might take, and CEOs will comply or face the consequences. Promises will be given, checks will be written, and nothing will change.

  2. Not interested in pontification, but regulation and legislation.

    Still waiting on the 2000 that was promised "immediately" in Georgia.

  3. What's the point of these stupid "investigations" these days anyway? Ever since James Clapper, I've noticed, everyone who gets a subpoena to testify just sits there and lies to Congress's face. They know they're lying; the public knows they're lying; the congressional members know they're lying….. and yet nothing is ever done about it.

    So I ask again, what's the point?

  4. This might be a silly question but why aren’t regulators talking to the clearing house NSCC? I feel like they have a major role in this.

  5. Old money when the working class loses everything
    "We obviously don't need any regulation ruining this beautiful flawless free market"

    Old money when the working class has the potential to win one single thing even one single time
    "WhErE R tHe ReGuLaToRs?!?"
    "SoMeOnE PrOtEcT tHeSe UnSoPhIsTiCaTeD iNvEsToRs FrOm MaKiNg MoNeY oUr WaY!!!"
    Multibillionaire cries on live television for unknown reason
    Normal people suddenly can't buy popular stocks, but freely allowed to sell
    Massive misinformation campaign across major media

    My theory: Some boomers got exposed to too much lead growing up and it made them both evil and retarded. But if America has proven anything, it's that being evil and retarded is a great way to make unimaginable amounts of imaginary money.

  6. I do believe you mentioned it in another video, every trade is some sort of market manipulation
    But yeah the big purchases could/would/should be seen as market manipulation, such as when Mush bought all those bitcoins and it soared in value, he would have known it would do that with him putting that much into it, and if he then now start selling, could he be seen as doing a pump-n-dump of Bitcoins?
    Or when Warren Buffet buys shares in a company, that company usually also sees a rise in market value, so when is it manipulation and just normal investing?
    And can we see the buyers talking/working together and work as a large buyer, a sort of Buffet/Musk personality?

  7. lol, "reddit" (WSB) didn't do the silver thing, in fact even argued against it with the overall consensus there being it was a shitty and losing investment. The reddit view is that silver was promoted by media to the benefit of hedge funds, as those who fall for the propaganda put their money in it. Hedge funds are invested in silver, "reddit" is not.

    And for retail to get curbed for this is fucking hideous. The market is anything but free if only the big-money has access to it, not to mention the game is already not a fair one from a technological, infrastructural, and political standpoint.

    IMO Hoeg Law is somewhat failing to see the "reddit"/retail pov of this whole mess.

  8. I just wish there would be a day where shorting and margin purchases are illegal. Then maybe the stock market would resemble real world value.

  9. Just like Taxes, regulations come for everyone.

    Edit: You can’t fix stupid, allow Darwinism to take it’s course.

  10. Would love for you to cover the whole Nvidia/Arm acquisition/debacle after Microsoft and Google "warn" about the consequences.

  11. There playing a very risky game. If the government turn on the public in anyway watch confidence them drop, ideological reasons aside you hit there wallets and they will notice especially if they do it for wall street. For the SEC the same, they allowed this carry on to happen under there noise and if after the fact that criticize the public in anyway watch the public turn on the SEC asking for an investigation into them for allowing hedge funds to short a company for over 140% of its stock for a long time, I believe it was Americas most shorted company for many months or more.

    It will be interesting to see what is going to happen the aftermath of it as well. Imagine if the public became so worried that just by buying a stock and holding it you could get into trouble and pulled out of the stark market fully for a while. When the stock market slowly starts to crash like that its very hard to make it stop.

    Its just a waiting game now.

  12. I think this is quite informative, but if i recall correctly roaring kitty was (at the very least to begin with) making the investment as a value investment, and i think you should probably include it. I don't think it was that unreasonable of an investment at 4$ or whatever it was when he invested.

  13. There's about a million ways this whole thing could go that will help the rich and hurt the retail investors, and maybe three that will help the little guy. But then, that's how the SEC usually works, so…business as usual.

  14. Typical response of a government regulator, instead of covering the losses of a retail investor just like they do with hedge funds they will use the excuse of "education" to make the stock market as inaccessible and cumbersome for the little guy as possible, justice they called it ??.

  15. Well I can't avoid but to wander, Would these people, that are so concerned now, have done something after their pockets got poked? If yes, How many more decades until they do? If not, Why the sudden interest in "protection"?

  16. its all one big joke. we know that the wall street is close to burst its bubble. and Gme was so damn close to Burst that said bubble… if the hedgefonds and dtcc haden shut the Gme hyper buying or what it is called down. Then the hedgefond and dtcc would have gone broke, by the hedgefonds greed to get ALL the money, instead of just some of the money. im sure that will nothing will come out this hearing, since no goverment will harm their overlords that slap them with thick doller bills or sponsor their seat in the goverment…. IF something happen. then im sure they will try to blame DFV for all this to save face

  17. Why do I have a tingling feeling that everyone is going to just scapegoat everything to Robin Hood and solves nothing in the stock market…

  18. I wonder. Every effect serves the interest of some but never all. Hopefully, "for the good will of the people" (not a quote) is not just a sweet lie, but then again, corruption has many toys to play with.

    Interesting though. When the rich/elite is allowed to use market manipulations for themselves, but anyone lesser is deemed as a threat and a menace.

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