Gamestop Stock Halted By Robinhood | Reddit Vs Wall Street

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43 thoughts on “Gamestop Stock Halted By Robinhood | Reddit Vs Wall Street”

  1. To me I don’t care as much how much money these people have, it’s that there is any preferential treatment. When you invest in the stock market whether you are a casual trader or a multimillion investor it’s all a gamble. Sure you can pay attention to trade, company shifts, market trends to guide you to make more calculated transactions but even then there is still an amount of risk involved.

    If a stock is for sale and a person has the money to pay for it then he or she should be able to buy or sell no matter his or her economic situation. If he or she makes a bad investment and loses money that’s just how things can sometimes go. No one should should be given preferential treatment by services not giving people the opportunity to make investments.

  2. Robinhood app: steal from the poor, give to the rich.

    I think you read that story backwards, buddy

  3. Short sellers cause the stock to go down in price. These rich people make the stock go down. That isnt being a pro or sophisticated.

  4. These people in the comments who are saying how rich people suck, what if they themselves would later become rich? Would those same people them hate themselves and think that they themselves suck? I think we can all agree that it's better to have lots of money and do financially well for ourselves instead of being broke and poor and having barely any money. I think the people who make disparaging comments about rich people, are just jealous of them, and say such things about them to feel better about themselves.

  5. An app called "RobinHoodApp" that does an action to protect the money of the rich………………………………. IRONIC

  6. So, short sellers found a slimy way to use insider knowledge to take advantage of people who are trying to get into the game. Then they get butt hurt when a bunch of people make their slimy method backfire when using an honest practice. That right?

    Sounds like maybe those slimy 1%ers need to take the loss with some dignity, learn from this experience, and find a better way to make money that doesn't involve taking advantage of people.

    Oh….. no they're doing the, "We can afford to draw this out in court." tactic. Pussies.

    And it sounds like Robinhood got scared and closed things down because they didn't expect lawsuits. They may have been advised to limit liability while they build a defense if this does go to court. Or… that's what I hope is happening. Otherwise…. they suck too.

  7. This is crazy.
    Like a week ago I saw a video of a dude just eating cereal in a video (and doing nothing else) and I thought about this one guy that started that trend a decade ago when I was a kid and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out who that person was.

    And then recommend does it’s thing. Good to see you’re still doing your thing Repzion

  8. Thank you for explaining this in normal people terms, I really appreciate you helping us comprehend the situation better!

  9. Maybe you are ignoring this on purpose, in which case I totally understand hahahah. But you should look into making a video on Joy Sparkles. Shes back and spreading more bizarre health/"wellness" information, lol. In her latest video she keeps talking about health-advice her "practitioner" is giving her. For example, her roommate should not get the COVID vaccine because after every vaccine there is a "shedding process" and that could put her in danger as a roommate. I don't fault people for being nervous about the new COVID vaccine, but I literally have no idea what she is saying or what that means. Mildly concerned, and interested to hear your thoughts!

  10. SHIT! Youtube advertising is plastering onisions documentary in my face. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP DX

  11. I believe for every decent millionaire, there's 10 who will take advantage of the poor. Fuck those millionaires who cause financial struggles to others, they don't need more money. Thanks for covering this, Daniel, you did well explaining it!

  12. Wasn't Repzion stupid enough to vote for Biden / against Trump? If you voted Biden you voted for Wallstreet's worse aspects. You voted for them.

  13. Pretty sure this is a Ponzi scheme as well as considered insider trading. Both majorly illegal.

  14. I don't understand anything about it, but I'm furious that all the "rich guys" are nagging and scream it's illegal when the normal people have a hand in it.

  15. I like how you said "for anyone living under a rock" and then summarized a wikipedia article like you knew anything before all this happened lol

  16. Lol Ted Cruz doesn’t agree. Look at his fricken voting record. He’s taking advantage of the situation so people slowly forget the huge role he had in the insurrection.

  17. But can we talk about the irony of an app named after a folk hero known for stealing from the rich to give to the poor protecting the rich from the poor, because the irony is absolutely killing me.

  18. This is just too hilarious!! I actually do know a little bit about stocks, and Reddit fucking over predatory hedge fund billionaires was not one I expected on my 2021 Bingo Card, and I'm here for it!

  19. So SUPER DUPER condensed version is:
    Multi billionaire people lose money when poor people make money, so Wall Street and kicked out and banned the poor folks to protect their billionaire friends.

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  21. It isn't even just saving millionaires. It's destroying smaller investors who make their money via reading popular market trends. I earned myself a house that way an they seriously took a bite out of my profits. I might sue them personally because I have an 85% return average on investments.

  22. Short selling a stock is illegal because of them acting on insider information (if I’m remembering that right). So this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Robinhood isn’t even giving a reason for what they’re doing, there’s no way to explain that away.

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