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  1. If you're painfully familiar with the bid-ask spread, skip to 7:18. If you're not, definitely watch the whole darn tootin' thing.
    The bid-ask actually goes to Market Makers, not the exchange.

  2. Dont watch this save u some time , put the limit at 1 cent more , ul get filled , hey ur welcome!!!!

  3. Just wanna ask a stupid question, a bid price is the highest price willing to be paid among all the buyers right? But if this definition is correct, then if I am a buyer and set a buying price somewhere between the bid price and the ask price. Will the bid price suddenly become my buying price? Since my buying price is the highest among all the buyers. I don't feel it makes too much sense for one person can flipping the bid price.

  4. Ohhhhhh. Okay. I understand. Too far in the money ? not getting fill wondering why it was way above but no one wanted it…I'm being too greedy.

  5. Do you have a video on the Limit Price for things like Short Iron Condors? I've seen how to set them up but can't figure out the limit price when there are 3+ options involved. And sometimes, there's no spread indicated? Obviously, I'm a total beginner but just trying to learn as much as possible – thanks!

  6. What if the bid ask is .77 and .93

    But you want 100 contracts for $100 so you set it to .01

    What does this mean ?

  7. What if your the only person trying to buy an option for that stock? Does there have to be a buyer for you to sell it? I’m trying to buy one and it won’t fill on RH.

  8. So I’m having a really hard time with getting orders filled on Robinhood. Im trying to run iron butterflies on SPY and QQQ. The bid-ask is tight and they are both super liquid. I don’t understand why my orders don’t hardly ever get filled

  9. well many times I've tried to buy CALL options at the ASK price and my order still doesn't get filled

  10. what if youre limit order in the middle is manipulating the "mark price" making the option look more valuable than what it is

  11. My issue is that I oftentimes buy long call/put options that have great premarket. I will buy above the ask price with no real understanding of what price will work and I almost never get my order filled. What should I do then?

  12. "And I'll say go ** yourself. And that's called haggling." ? Funniest thing I've heard all month.

  13. I always buy in the ask and even though sometimes it takes time to get filled or doesn’t get filled at all, what could be happening?

  14. InTheMoney is the only channel here on YouTube that explains the little, but very crucial pieces of information about options like a pro.

  15. Debit Spread got screwed when market makers widened the Spread .. I still don't get how I owe more than the premium ?

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