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39 thoughts on “Guaranteed profit strategy [Hindi] | Monthly income strategy | Ar…”

  1. Thank you Rajiv ji….one more point for benefit of new traders like me,
    Always sell security which is higher in price and buy which is lower in price…hence sell future and buy synthetic future

  2. hai sir , if expiry day stock rate is same for example stock future rate is bought 400 and closing also 400 then call and put options rate will zero then how we will get profit

  3. stragety is good nut isme milna kuch nahi hai ulta tax apne pucket se chala jayega

  4. सर यह बताएं फ्यूचर की क्लोजिंग जिस तारीख की है उसी तारीख की क्लोजिंग की काल और पुट लेना होगा ? तात्पर्य यह है कि वीकली क्लोजिंग का काल पुट भी ले सकते हैं मंथली फ्यूचर के साथ ?
    क्योकि मंथली फ्यूचर क्लोजिंग के पहले काल पुट की वीकली 3 क्लोजिंग हो जाएगी ।

  5. ऐसा लग रहा है जैसे मोदीजी बोल रहे है.

  6. Rajeeb bhai, iss strategy k drawbacks kya he ? means kis point par hame accept karna he ki, loss hona he ?

  7. sir once i open arbitrage trade on any stock and not close it till expiry do i need to take delivery of in the money option?

  8. Bhai, I followed the same strategy today and according to the data available in money control for arbitrage opportunity. So, I found most suitable stock is Sun TV so I sell the future of June expiry and buy call option of strike price 220 CE and sell 220 PE option to its showing max profit is aproxx 11850/- Now I have some doubts that at the end of the day(expiry day) will I have to square off the all three positions??
    Second, what is the minimum profit of this Strategy or this maximum profit which is 11840 is my sure shot profit at the expiry day.
    Last, when I add all three positions in zerodha calculater it's showing around 295000 margin..

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