Hedge Funds are BAITING Reddit Traders | What you MUST Know

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44 thoughts on “Hedge Funds are BAITING Reddit Traders | What you MUST Know”

  1. "Redditraders" don't give a fuck about commodities… 😂

    To think we'd be tempted to leave behind videogames 🎮 and movie theatres 🎥 🍿 ….
    for steel and wheat. Hahaha… So fucking out of touch!

  2. Reply with examples of these underhanded attempts to manipulate reddit investors. I've seen a few talking about how other stocks are going to short squeeze as well, to deter them from buying more AMC or to skim off some shares to buy other stocks. That's not the point, hodl is.

  3. These guys actually think they are dealing with an inferior people with their condescending attitude. Thinking that apes are actually stupid enough to belive them lol 😆

  4. T:h:a:n:k:s: f:o:r:: w:a:t:c:h:i:n:g: a:n:d:: c:o:m:m:e:n:t:: w:r:i:t:e:: n:o:w:: f:o:r: m:o:r:e::::




  5. Psst. We know. This is why Hedgies want to shut down reddit and channels like Trey. The hedgies hate it when we don't sell when they are expecting it. Maybe they will learn one day.

  6. You should not be teaching people about investment since you don't have any idea yourself. You should have your own view instead of talking to different people and flip flop between their views.

  7. The quickest way to fix the system is to bankrupt these hedge funds, because SEC is too corrupt and/or incompetent.
    Maybe they'll try to get Fakebook and reddit to censor and deplatform these groups…sound familar?

  8. So funny hearing a hedgie call us bullies. Excuse me but that’s all they do. Manipulate and bully the retail traders.

  9. Trying to distract Apes away from AMC huh? No thanks. We're doubling down on AMC. Diamond hands! AMC to the moon!

  10. Hedgies are always talking their book–or not. Listen at your peril. Hyperinflation ahh no….

  11. Amc gme is the only way and anyone that’s been here for any length of time should know these hedge funds are full!!! Of!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$

  12. Dylan you're a legit trader and your method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with your strategy

  13. The guy literally said nothing about Bananas, diamonds or about the moon

    He lost me within the first minute, couldn't understand him, just gonna buy more GME 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Generalized commodities? Not even a specific commodity? How about this? WSB crowd, take physical delivery of silver. No paper, no etfs, buy and hold silver eagles. They could make a difference there and expose the discontinuity between physical silver and the paper junk they sell on Wall Street. That would be hilarious.

  15. The Guerilla Bunch Song

    Here's a story of a bunch of Hedgies
    Who tried shorting a stock called AMC
    Trying to drive out of business and into Bankruptcy
    Then one day this AMC stock met this community of Guerillas and they knew it was much more then a hunch that this group could save their company by buying their stock
    Now the Hedgies keep trying to play their Manipulation and Media games and keep kicking the CAN down the road
    But this strong bunch of banded Guerillas isn't falling for it, they keep holding and buying more to save the company
    This is how we became the Guerilla Bunch the Guerilla Bunch, the Guerilla Bunch and kicked the Hedgies ass

  16. These people literally make billions of dollars a year off of mental and financial manipulation, with zero remorse for the destruction they leave in the wake of their greed-fueled monetary pursuits.

  17. September, October inflation will rotate down? That's the funniest thing I have never heard about it

  18. @ Meet Kevin – i think you misunderstood….he wasn't talking about short interest in commodities…IMO he was implying big money is short on investing in commodities as a hedge against inflation.

  19. How could inflation be less than 2%? The question, it seems to me, is whether inflation will be higher than 10% or lower than 10%.

  20. I'm just going to leave this here.

    1994 SEC Settlement – In 1994, Tudor paid a fine of $800,000 (the second highest at the time) to the SEC to settle allegations of violating (while not admitting or denying wrongdoing) the uptick rule, part of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 that prohibits the sale of a borrowed stock while the stock is declining.[22]

    source: wikipedia

  21. PTJ was pumping. Don't care how nice the guy is. Everybody in the market is out to get theirs and is full of doo doo

  22. I think it is just good to have a couple inflation hedges and a couple growth stocks, like PLTR because the inflation situation is transitory and depends on employment being healthy..

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