High Volatility Month I Loss of 200k I Options Trading

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38 thoughts on “High Volatility Month I Loss of 200k I Options Trading”

  1. Bro , isn't possible to do safe neutral non directional trades with hedges and a large range, rather than speculating in a particular direction.

  2. Bro, In my opinion this is a good profit. Earning money in market is very difficult and you are earning. 5% per month is more than enough, if you want to be consistent. Great bro. Seeing the thumbnail, i first thought that u had loss this month. But good.

  3. Sir i was charged 4k on 27th july for additional margin under RMS in angel broking …can u explain what is the issue?Is it the blocked margin for holding f&o position bcoz i havent booked any loss on that day.

  4. Similarly I loss in selling of M&M fin 150 PE, Amararaja 700 PE, Petronet 220 PE, Brit 3400 PE
    What I do Mr Umar sir
    Can I change the option selling stock to index?

  5. Uve to calculate return for entire capital in the account not for the capital utilized. Otherwise we'll be overestimating the return which creates false hopes. For the entire capital return may come to 3%

  6. Such honest videos will help amateurs understand the "not so rosy" side of options trading and they blindly wouldn't get lured by big profits from many course marketing videos. Props for the honest video!✨

  7. No need to put catchy titles like 200K loss and all. I’m your subscriber but still seeing you put title of video which has nothing to do with content. Please try to give honest titles to videos don’t run behind to get your video trending. Now my mindset become like whatever you come up with new video it will be something else than what title is.
    Just suggestion. After all it’s your choice.

  8. Very good strategy sir.. I do swing trading.. But, use to keep some cash aside for averaging during negative market..

  9. I have 12 lakhs capital june month I got profit of Rs. 52k but in July month emotions killed me brutally I made of profit of Rs. 11k only.

  10. you did all in directional trade then you will get plus or minus as per market traps . What are the use of strategy trading and option selling.

  11. Brother what strategy you did straddles strangles both gave good return this month right,, can you to a video about your complete trade adjustments you had taken

  12. Don't Worry. Every action theremust be an opposite. You will Definetly get profit in future for your honesty ?

  13. If you come up with more information on why your capital 20 lakhs would have become 17 lakhs if you had used the capital fully I'll be thankful.

  14. Retailers are 100% better off doing Market neutral / Non directional strategies like Iron condor etc. Directional trades are meant for the Smart money as only they have the capital to take the markets in a particular direction. ???

  15. This is my first month of trading with capital of 1.2 lakh and 2 lakh collateral I made 80 k. I am confused that doing something wrong or different

  16. Huge respect for your honesty!! and would wish you all the best for upcoming months and hopefully markets will be kinder to all of us 🙂

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