Highly Profitable Stochastic + RSI + MACD Trading Strategy (Prove…

Download the Excel Sheet I used for Back testing – https://bit.ly/backtestingtool1 **************** In this video, I’m revealing a …

44 thoughts on “Highly Profitable Stochastic + RSI + MACD Trading Strategy (Prove…”

  1. I wouldn't use your strategy honestly. There are better indicator that you could use to accompany those three indicators but you gave me an idea to add on my strategy so still thanks!

  2. Good afternoon . But how can you do this strategy so as not to sit all the time looking at the screen at three indicators? I tried to set alerts, but there you can only have one indicator, and not so that it would require three at the same time(

  3. hey my brother,,The moon used your strategy in his video without saying and mentioning about you.Maybe you should see that

  4. Winrate 56%!?!?! Come on… than what's the difference between gambling and this??!

  5. Iā€™m mixing this strategy with smart money concepts and so far so good. Aside from the trading fees the bank charges me.

  6. Hi there, hope someone would help me! I use binance and ftx, but I don't find the stochastic indicator. Anyone could tell me where is it please?

  7. Max draw down was 1000$… This means at one point of time your capital was in minus? Am not sure about the purpose of this video anymore.. .. brilliant video and effort.. but buddy did you copy this from the trading rush channel??

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