How I Grew $1,000 to $10,000 in 15 Days Trading Options

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33 thoughts on “How I Grew $1,000 to $10,000 in 15 Days Trading Options”

  1. Hey Mat, you’re strategy from Chat GPT is really good and great results but how can I connect it to a platform to use it? Thanks

  2. Spy hasn't been good to us new traders and just when I finally started to get it I decided to start getting into QQQ which has been much nicer to me but I'll always love my baby SPY and rookies stay away from 0DTE TRUST ME this is a slow grind game and getting into those 0DTE as a new trader will have your heart pounding but high risk high reward!

  3. Hey Matt. I'm swinging options just a week at a time. Curious.. Should I place hard stops along the way? Or should I set realistic targets and not look at it the whole week? I don't want to keep looking at the screen.

  4. Thanks, Great Video (Question though): With this strategy (was it selling or buying options)? Calls or Puts on Spy? 1k-10k? Thanks and Let me know 🙂

  5. The final 2 hours are the best. A $1 move in SPY with an at the money option can get you 100% profit. With $1000 initial trade just one trade a day for 100% profit with all proceeds reinvested each day for the next 4 days would give you $31,000 profit for the week. If you continued the next week, at the end of that week you would have $1,000,000. Go for it!

  6. Bro I was going so good with my account then blew it 😒 but I'm learning so much from you and I thank you for teaching us and giving us free game on the market and charts

  7. When you say "4 Play the right time" what time zone are you referring to/what city are you in? What time Market/Eastern time should we avoid? Thanks!

  8. With proper risk/reward you should not be expecting this kind of account growth in that amount of time. You can get blown out just as quick and the leverage will only make it worse. You’d have to be betting 10% of your account or more to make this kind of growth, if you go on a losing streak you’re out of half your money in 5 trades. New traders should make a weekly goal of 5% account growth if you can hit that week in and week out you’ll learn the game and manage your risk no matter the market conditions. The market won’t be a scalpers market forever and in the long run knowledge will always win over luck with stupid leverage

  9. $1k-$10k is def possible, I’ve done it multiple times this year so far. There’s tons of money to be made at the bell, but it’s probably smarter to wait for the opening range to develop for new peeps. Lots of stuff candles that can wreck peoples accounts around the bell

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