How I Lost $30,000 Trading Robinhood Options

In the past 3 months, I lost $30000 trading options in the stock market with the Robinhood app. This video highlights the risks of trading and investing. Check Out …

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  1. ☝️☝️☝️I am very sorry to hear about your loss, please don't do anything drastic. I was also scammed but got my funds recovered back through the name pointed on my YouTube channel

  2. ☝️☝️☝️I am very sorry to hear about your loss, please don't do anything drastic. I was also scammed but got my funds recovered back through the name pointed on my YouTube channel

  3. lost 19K in this month. Sucks . After I kept on chasing other stocks which led further loss. Tragic.

  4. From having 6-7k of my own money and making about 50k in gains to losing almost all my money I’m currently left with $500. Options are killers. They’re fun when they hit but when they don’t they’re killers. (It’s not all of my money tho but damn it hurt losing all those gains anyway)

  5. First of all, thank you for sharing this. It takes a certain rare type of character to share such bitter lesson. I think most traders don't realize this is a zero sum game. Most probably need to see this side of the story before trading with real money. As it is the most likely outcome for more than 90 percent of traders. Emotions, risks, and opposition are very real. There are whales and sharks in the waters you are swimming, as a small fish how do you intend to take a bite of the bigger fish's lunch without becoming the snack or part of the main course you yourself? What tools, strategies, and tactics will you bring to bear and what does done mean for you? Too often, we enter the markets total oblivious to the players involved. For instance, a short seller publishes a negative finding about a company and markets respond before you can adjust your strategy, you are in the bowels of bigger fish. There are a lot misdirect and covert countering tactics at the bigger fish's arsenal that will make you wonder if you even have had any chance. The fact that you win some and applying the same or similar logic almost always yields negative outcome is the very reason that should make you question things. You have to adopt and orchestrate your plays to appear irrational. We humans are incredibly pattern oriented that is why machines can make a work of us and when you put a human behind those machines assisting their plays – sure definite way to guarantee you are a meal for the big fish. Option plays are lotto games, just with better odds. Just know you are bringing a knife to a tank fight 🙂

  6. were you doing put credit spread? I thought robinhood liquid the 30k portfolio

  7. You would have made the same mistake in other brokerage as well, but why you highlight Robinhood saying 'Robinhood options' 😀

  8. Thank you for sharing bro. Hopefully, you already gained it back with extra profits.

  9. Options trading is a game you have to learn before you play, thanks for providing this resource to help me not lose

  10. I remember when I first discovered options. I doubled my life savings with a certain EV company and thought to myself "What have I been doing all my life?!" and blew my account later that week

  11. I went from 6k to 53k in 5 months. I withdrew 14k and I blew up my account the past two days on Roku call options. I tried averaging down, but I lost $35k in two days. I only have $2200 left. =(
    The 35k was all profits, but it still hurts.

  12. Dude you are an absolute denial, it’s hilarious how do you start the video off by saying that this can happen to anybody no no it cannot. It doesn’t take just anybody to lose $30,000 in less than a week and it’s obvious by the chart that you lost all of it in 1-3 trades. You didn’t lose overtime trying to recoup your losses and failing, YOU YOLO’d absolutely everything you had to your own admission into out of the money options?
    “I totally thought I was just going to hit a couple more 100% returns” -you are legitimately a gambling addict I hope you get professional help…

    Also I can’t not mention the audacity to sell a course on technical analysis and offer videos on option and stock trading after you just squandered an entire years worth of the average Americans earnings.


  14. I hate this video cause it doesnt show the option expire date, strike price or the stock and its price action

  15. I lost 9k trading call option. Now, I am only selling calls and put options. Selling involve less risk .Thanks for the video .

  16. You just go through the chart but you don't go in-depth on how you lost that money… what were the plays? what went wrong? what positions did you take?

    I can look at the chart myself, thought you'll explain it more thoroughly.

  17. Still looking for the “how” you lost part of this video, I can only see the “what” you lost and “when” you lost it !

  18. Can’t recommend him enough for the tireless effort and tremendous

  19. Can’t recommend him enough for the tireless effort and tremendous

  20. Here cause I held my AMC options profit through June till now thinking there would be a short squeeze and to hold out. Turned 6k to 30k. Got out with about 16k, feels bad but still learning.

  21. how you lost ? nothing about the how which is the strategy. Just a graph reading, 10 mn numbers. You could share value telling what not to do as it comes to Options….
    pl re-name your video "what I lost…" TKS

  22. I’m a newb so I have a question. If I buy a call option or out can I lose more money than I put in? Robinhood says my max loss is a certain amount.

  23. Thanks for posting. I also got caught up in my emotions after a few what I thought was a no brainer options trade… lost a lot of money fast. I didn't know when did get out and hoped it would turn around. There is a reason I will only go to a casino maybe once a year…. Trading options at home was addicting.

  24. If I buy call options. Can I lose more than the premium I paid for the options…or will I have to end up owing more? Is that only for put options? There’s a difference right? Shorting is put options not calls?

  25. Is that on every app? Cause for example, whenever i bought into a option on RH and it went up a little it’s showing 5-8$+ but as soon as it dropped a little you see like 12-30$ – in seconds…. and of course then you be like shit it’s probably not going up again

  26. u called urself an experienced trader. I wouldn't call u an experienced trader. Time doesn't = experience in the market. Knowledge and emotion control = experience. If you make the same mistakes over and over, ur not gaining experience.

  27. Losing is part of trading which is perfectly normal, that’s why It’s profitable and safe to opt for a reliable guide that has potential of generating greater returns at least twice what was staked.

  28. All trades and investment involves risk. you have to be willing to learn appropriate patterns, rules, and strategies.

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