How Micro E-Mini Futures Work (And Why You Should Start Trading T…

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25 thoughts on “How Micro E-Mini Futures Work (And Why You Should Start Trading T…”

  1. Hey, your videos are great, could you possibly do a bookmap for beginners video? If you still utilize the tool that is

  2. I have seen micros much cheaper. Where you trading?
    I won’t argue , I think your wrong.

  3. Great content. You're totally right… it's foolish to begin trading futures with full size. That would only lead to major losses and mental scarring.

  4. Anybody have a good strategy for day trading micros? Still trying to figure it out! Thanks ?

  5. Thank you for getting real in this video I love trading /mes contracts and I will go/es soon Thank you brother. Best Regards [

  6. Nice Video!
    Is each $1 dollar movement in the SP-Micro worth $5?
    What kind of margin is needed?
    {just a ballpark estimate}
    Thank you very much!!!

  7. Excellent video. In a nutshell, the MES contract is 1/10 the size of the ES, but the commissions are not 1/10 the size of ES commissions. Smaller than ES commissions, yes, but not proportionally smaller. A broker's rent, utilities, and telephone costs are exactly the same regardless of the contract traded. But the new trader's tuition costs (i.e., losses) are reduced by 90% while he is learning his craft (your excellent turn of phrase). I am very glad to have discovered you on YouTube.

  8. Can I make money trading the MES in overnight trading and premarket? And which out of those two would you prefer

  9. Do brokers require the overnight fee?
    I can't afford those fees but I noticed in Tastyworks that the overnight requirement for micro canadian dollars is affordable. I'm in the U.S. though.
    Is that going into Forex territory? I really want to start trading micro futures.
    Also do any brokers allow trading micros with a cash account? Tastyworks doesn't.

  10. How much founds is the minimum to be able to day trading micros, using interactive brokers?

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