How to adjust a Put Credit Spread Questrade

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15 thoughts on “How to adjust a Put Credit Spread Questrade”

  1. How about taking the money from the Call Credit Spread you opened, and then rolling down your Put Credit Spread for Zero Cost? This also helps get the Iron Condor more neutral, and also get the Delta closer to Zero for the trade.

  2. Thanks for your video…I have a put credit spread of 365/360 but don't know if it will be tested by tomorrow..Could you please advise on how to exit the play before it get tested..I entered it today with Friday expiration..Currently spy is trading at 271 after hours..

  3. Hi, can you tell me if the vertical call is the same as the call spread? If yes, Would it be entered the same way in questrade?

  4. Shihab, at time 3:25 (May 29 spreads) you say you'll keep bringing the call side closer if the put spread gets tested again. i assume that means you'll roll the call spread down as you would do to adjust an Iron condor, but only until 275 strike (i.e. an Iron Butterfly). is this correct, or would you "go inverted"?

  5. Would you ever adjust your call spread to the point where it is below the initial put spread? Scary situation since the stock price can end up below the put spread and above the call spread.

  6. Just a thought, instead of going through opening call spread for loss reduction, why not just eyeball that trade and close it out on a tested day for a small profit or small loss and be done with it…think that be less of a hassle.

  7. Hey shihab I have a question.
    I sold a 249/250 call credit spread on the SPY a while back and its deep ITM. I forgot to close it out before expiration and I dont have enough money in my account to buy it. Does questrade just close it out for me and charge $90? I am worried I am just going to wake up monday short 100 shares of the SPY

  8. Great live example of your strategy, I have a question as I'm going through one of the situations. I know when the stock drops we try to sell credit calls to hedge but is it possible to roll back the put spread, I was trying to do that today but was not able to. Here is my situation ROKU : Sol Put spread before earings at 115/110 and now stock is trading at 112-113, I sold call credit spread at 130/135 but want to know if I can roll back my 115/110 position and now technically the stock is in the money so is it possible that it will get assigned and if that happens so I have to do anything or questrade will do it for $25 commission, Expiry is June 5 . Thanks for your help and awesome content learning a lot , keep up the good work. Cheers

  9. Looks like the spy is literally spying you, not giving you a room to escape. Trades look logical and a clear winner but active trading should be enabled and then the worry is to use active trading to the best possible way to win back the paid amount.

  10. Took my first 60$ profit on my vertical call spread yesterday after holding for a week, will work with vertical puts next week. Thanks for your videos, learnt a lot :)!

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