How to adjust a short strangle

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46 thoughts on “How to adjust a short strangle”

  1. Hello Ashish, wonderful video, learned something new today.
    Could you please help on topic that when and how much to book profit in terms of credit received.

  2. bro what u are mentioning as exposure here? for positional trades in index, we dont get any exposure right? please reply my query bro

  3. Best adjustment of short strangle I have come across. Thank you , I have always done only the rolling up/down of untested side till now, this is something new I have come across, generally I try selling more OTM lots of untested side. ?

  4. Ashish – First of all an amazing explanation with different examples in your videos.
    I had a question – Should we adjust a Strangle as soon as Delta touches ~20. For example. I have a position in LICHSG Fin and in morning Delta touched to 20 and again it is around 14-15. So should we wait for it to be ~20 for an hour or so.
    Or it is completely discretionary?

  5. Is the delta ~ 20 a guideline at which we should be looking to roll over the untested side to make the trade delta neutral again? Or can we let’s say use delta ~15 to roll over?

  6. very good video Ashish. Would be nice if you could make a video on simple explanation on most used greeks.

    You didn't ask for likes and subscribe. Still you are going to get it. Keep the good work going,

  7. excellent structure …. query can we just square off when delta breaches 20 and re-entering another strangle with delta neutral position instead of adjusting ?

  8. Sirji Nice video I have ever seen on YouTube
    Its simplify the Lerning
    More simple than testytrade and other
    Kindly do new video on straddle also

  9. Good bro but we were expecting on stocks… Because that's the area which you have mastered unbelievably…. Thanks in advance wating for a next video straddle strangle on stocks…

  10. Great Start . Very nicely covered the subject . Hope to see next one soon. Wish to be on yr preferred way of managing straddle in stocks .

  11. Awesome video Ashish. Loved it.
    Request to make a video on position sizing(an imp but overlooked factor in trading) and also adjustments of Straddles, whether to roll up /down or going inverted and if inverted, how much to go inverted.

  12. Ashish – I have taken a lot of important lessons from various YouTube videos, F2Fs. Your F2F video made me think about position sizing on notional value in a completely new way. There were a lot of other important nuggets in that video but for me that was the one take away. Thank you for that. And thank you for this. Adding an iron butterfly at the end is something I hadn't thought about. Didn't know about it but will keep this in mind. Great work man.

  13. Sometimes you wonder whether such lucid description can be available at no cost. Amazing content. Spread the word.

  14. Follow you on twitter and loved your F2F with Viv Bajaj. With reference to the slide at 10:36, Could you please elaborate a little more on how you deploy in a staggered manner? Post the move in the underlying would you short more lots at different strikes from your initial short positions? The new strangle would be vega negative as well right, so how does it help in scaling up in case of Vol expansion? Look forward to more videos from you on trading stock options and how you handle the low liquidity that most stocks have… Thanks.

  15. Though I got introduced to ashish recently… but in short period got so inspired and motivated by him … genuine person … keep going bro …

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