How To Adjust And Wire A Pressure Switch

This video explains how to adjust an air compressor Pressure Switch, as well as basic wiring instructions. The adjustment will vary …

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  1. I wonder if it's possible to repair a pressure switch? The cheapest I can find a Condor MDR2 in the UK is £50. I only paid £60 for the compressor, and I could buy a complete new motor + switch for £150.

  2. My compressor starts working and builds pressure up to 150psi but sometimes during work it will not start and won't keep tank charged. Sometimes it turns on only for a few seconds then goes quiet. Sometimes I hears something that it wants to start like air going somewhere through the pipe for about 2 second and then quiets and stays like that. Fails to keep up pressure in tank when I use it. Pressure goes low as 50psi but compressor doesn't start. Then I had to open drain valve to release remaining air pressure in the tank. Disconnect it from AC power for few minutes and it starts working again build up to 150psi again. I don't hear any air leaks. What could be wrong??

  3. When building presure and it cuts off all the air bleeds out down to about 40 psi. How do I adjust a condor switch so the air doesn't bleed out

  4. I have a comp that I got but I don't know what I have. Is there any ware I can send a pic and they could tell me?????

  5. Can use these switches foo operatic Uv light. I am tryin to do is to only operate the Uv light when the pump comes on.i am living in Cambodia and to not burn out my UV light when my pump is not t I have to unplug the power cord.

  6. I have Square D switch ..What will make the contact points stick..the compressor will not kick off..will run till pops the pop-off valve

  7. I have a 30 gallon Ingersoll Rand air compressor in my garage and want to use it for sprinklers blowing in my house, they recommend to blow them at 60 psi but my compressor fill up to 125 psi, what do I need to do to make it blow at 60 psi ?

  8. I just purchased a new pressure switch for my Ridgid 5 in 1 but it keeps popping my breaker and I know the wires are set properly what can I do to fix this issue

  9. Is there a reset button when you replace preassure switch? I replace that black box on my 15 gallon dewalt and now it doesn't want to turn on at all. Please Advise

  10. Question? What is the allen screw on the top, in between the contacts of the switch that you showed and said you couldn't adjust the pressure setting for? I have a hubbell on a Ingersoll that looks exactly the same as that one and it looks like it adjusts something(but i don't know what), because it is connected to a big spring and when you turn the screw the spring gets tighter or looser. Can I get some help with this? And what if you get the silicone off that's covering the adjustment screw, could you, in theory, change the pressure setting? I just need to lower the pressure cut out for safety reasons. Thankyou

  11. While I went to get a wrench, My buddy thought he could turn the pressure switch adjustment screws. Now we don't know where they go, and the pump won't shut off. Anything I can do? Thanks.

  12. I purchase a husky 80 gallon tank only and the tank itself is rated at 175psi Max, and I want to make the compressor a 2 stage, since 2 stage pumps produce max 175psi, will I be ok having max psi rated pressure on the tank all the time at 175psi?? I want to install a 5hp 2 stage pump and motor.

  13. were d0 I get a motor start switch? cant seem t0 find much ab0ut them . it the part in the back 0f the m0t0r v shaped c0ntact . thx

  14. Hi, my old switch was a 30 psi. When replacing it I coulld only find a 40 to 60 psi.. It seems to click on and off too much. Having replaced the pump I'm worried of it burning out. Can the new switch setting be too strong?

  15. Excellent vid. I replaced my old switch with a Square D. I wired it the same way the old one was wired. After resetting the breaker 4 times, I found YOU !. Thanks, man. Very detailed, simple and clear. Square D. works like a charm. Thanks again.

  16. I have a CH compressor that had a 220 motor I have a replacement motor that is 110 I think the switch won't care . But I'm not sure, Can I use the same switch ?

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