How to analyse Options and Futures Data like a Pro

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28 thoughts on “How to analyse Options and Futures Data like a Pro”

  1. The Best Video YouTube has suggested me and after watching 2 videos I hites the subscribe button the content is premium ?

  2. Just to see if I got the concept right of options buying video, could you check if Tata motors is a good candidate for September month expiry?

  3. Hi Saurabh, your videos are very very helpful. Thanks alot .. I have one query – Google says Option chain data is updated every 3 minutes . Found change in highest OI in put as well as call side. So how to stick to one inference during market hours. Suggest.

  4. Your explanation gives confidence to trade ,your techniques are simple backed with examples makes me understand better
    You are genuine with good attitude…….god bless you!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I'm having Less knowledge abt OPTIONS but you explained very well in detailed ??????????
    Will you please post some videos on short term swing as well as positional trading system explaining ENTRY EXIT TARGET RISK & QUANTITIES management ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

    Thanks ???

  6. great bhai .i also thinking to make an strategy by oi and future data .seeing this video i am too much happy

  7. Sir we see these option data in EOD basis or in intraday and another thing is is only applicable in last last week of expiry

  8. # Steps :

    1. Trend Daily Tf- price > 20 sma , 1hr-Price > 20 sma
    2. Trend should be clear uptrend/down
    3.Momentum , rsi > 55 on Day TF near 52 week high
    4.OI data – No. of Contract open in market, Max Call OI – resistance for this expiry ,Put-support
    5. Futures data
    # How to interprete change in OI Data :

    Stock Falling , max OI on put side rising(20%) — Bullish SIgn
    Stock rising , max OI on call side decreasing(20%) — bullish sign
    stock rise , call oi -increasing – bearsih
    stock fall , put oi-decreasing – bearish

    # Futures Data :

    This is Futures Price and Futures OI

    Price Inc — OI Inc— Long builtUp —— LONG
    Price inc — oi dec — Short covering — exiting pos
    Price dec– OI dec— Long unwinding — exiting pos
    Price dec — oi inc — Short builtup —— SHORT

    # OI and Futures Data — Additional Conformation
    # First Conformation should be from Trend and Momentum

  9. Brother , you are the best teacher on this planet. The knowledge & experience you share is priceless.. I sincerely respect your efforts in making such wonderful lesson videos, which are blessings to amateurs..
    Thanks a lot ??

  10. Great sir all parameters is very well clear but just don't understand very well option part.for section interpretation change in oi data .
    1: for longs you mentioned 2 condition
    1:stock rising.
    2:stock falling.

    My query is for long how we consider stock falling as on hourly time price is above 20ma so it is you interpret stock falling and on which time frame…..

    May be I misunderstood some clarify if you share some information on options parts

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