How to analyze an Option Chain? | Option trading | CA Rachana Ran…

Looking at an option chain first seems like rows of random numbers, but it provides valuable information about security today and …

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  1. Hii , option chain analysis is not detailed. When I saw NSE's option chain, you tried not to say everything. You cant tell by the look on the face. . Make videos with the attitude that everyone should learn

  2. A big thumbs up for Support & Resistance explanation. You explained this concept in a very clear & short words. Impressed

  3. Madam I love to listen your voice, my ears get excited to listen you i become your fan.

  4. Rachna Mam , your art of teaching is so great , no doubt is left after seeing the video. You are my best teacher on youtube without any doubt. Thanks for your contribution.

  5. Thanks Mrs. Ranade, I enjoy your videos, your smile makes viewers more joy. God bless you.

  6. Investing daddy much much have better understanding in option chain .
    Tumhi pan changalya padhatine sangatay pan full episode pahav laganar

  7. You are an awesome teacher. Found exactly what I was searching for months. After 100's of videos here I got the VVIP video for my Intraday setup.

  8. 15800 and 15500 are both support and strong support respectively.Where and how can we find resistance ? Or 15800 itself is resistance? Pl.clarify

  9. Hello Mam .. Along with the concepts explained in above video, Could u pls help make another video explaining about – OI , OI Change and PCR .. for more understanding of the Option chain.. ?

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