How To Calculate Bounty Spots With Holdem Resources Calculator

In this video, you’ll learn how to calculate bounty spots using Holdem Resources Calculator. You’ll also learn what information …

24 thoughts on “How To Calculate Bounty Spots With Holdem Resources Calculator”

  1. What do you think of this tutorial video on how to calculate bounty spots with HRC?

  2. Really well made video gareth this taught me that i punted 400$ thank you…. You are a scholar and a gentleman!

  3. Nice video. Does this work for heads up zoom tournaments where you only can make money by knocking other people out?

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  5. Hey great video! I have a question – if there are only for example 30 players left – do we still need to fill in all the payouts? Or will we get the same result by filling in payouts until the 30th place? Thanks for the answer!

  6. What happenes if we would like to analyze a hand before the money hence no ICM configuration but the model should be chip EV and bounties are being copied to HRC then we would not want to add all chips distribution correct? As this video covers only when in the money

  7. Simple question: we can't find the bounty into the hand history file? Meaning each time we want to review a tournament PKO, we need to screenshot each hand one by one for keeping in memory the bounty we had at that specific moment? Damn it….

  8. If only people knew that this way it´s actually very much easier than using icmizer this video wouldn´t get only 3k viewers.

  9. really firtst pusher has so loose range?K2s j9o?Q6s?Overcall with 48% seems quite insane

  10. Hi, This video is really helpful. I am trying to run a hand that includes limps, over limps and post flop play. Is this possible with HRC?

  11. at 6:06 – don't you need to put in the payouts for the tournament ? (or was that intentionally missed out just to show example)

  12. Thank for the video! really usefull

    I have a question. My HRC is little bit diferent from yours, I don't know, and the data that i'm able to add is: tables, players, average, minimum and maximum. and it says: "enter the total table, players and overall avg/min/max stacks". if i put the number of players left and the average I get the right result?

  13. excellent video!!! In general terms when it is a bounty tournament and my stack is larger than the rival one, should I pay more light and tighter if my battery is smaller than that of the villain?

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