How to Calculate Profit/Loss on Options Strategies

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13 thoughts on “How to Calculate Profit/Loss on Options Strategies”

  1. So I'm still confused where does the actual earning met on that ?. Can you make a leap options appoint to the exact profit or lost met

  2. What is difference between EXP column and last date? The last date is the date of expiry, so why is that different on the Exp column?

  3. how accurate is it? can it be trusted in all situations? the Implied Volatility… say tomorrow are earnings and i want to buy some calls. will your calculator underestimate gain or overestimate it? say the stock gains 15% on ER. just trying to find out the real limitations and how to correct for them in such fairly typical situations. thanks. fantastic site (if it is accurate!)

  4. this is my favorite calc, but it is pretty glitchly…..but again, i freaking love this thing, maybe you should also make an app too.

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